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Starting in Spring 2019 we opened a new virtual shop under the previous URL: we opened a new real life shop in Berlin in collaboration with Yaya23 and Haedre under the new header of Disconnect Store Berlin at this street address:Disconnect Store Berlin. Finowstr. 25. 10247 Berlin-Friedrichshain.Open Tuesday-Saturday 2-7pm. Phone +49 (0)30 9840 2889

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The new Praxis Webshop is online now . Help us test and improve it. Everything seems to be working, still many pictures missing and the design is basic, but many improvements are already implemented or on the way. Everyone has to make a new account (even if you had one in the old shop). Feedback […]

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Countdown to Gentrification at OstX PART II second to last instore show at ostkreuz…the juggernaut is approaching! fgnugn Goner b2b Heinrich Egon Frinz + the usual suspects Noise, Flash, Break, Bass, Core as well as Drinks, Music, Books! 15.09.2018 FREE EVENT – Strictly only from 7-10pm Praxis Records & Books/Yaya23 Lenbachstrasse 9 10245 Berlin

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Praxis and Yaya23 are forced to close our shop after nearly 6 and 15 (!) years respectively. The juggernaut of gentrification is pummeling the last remaining autonomous holdouts in Berlin-Friedrichshain‘s Ostkreuz area. Rising rents and new commercial and residential developments have already caused major shifts in the local population. In our case these changes affect […]

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Bourbonese Qualk’s classic album Autonomia – originally released in 1993 on CD –  appears for the first time on vinyl on January 15, 2018. Double vinyl in fluorescent orange camo sleeve. BUY HERE Bourbonese Qualk was formed by Simon Crab in 1979/80. The first performance was an odd non-musical appearance (‘mainly vandalism’). After several cassette […]

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Instore set by Baseck plus the usual suspects Strategies of interference, aural interventions, anti-spectacular ruses, musical deprogramming, sonic deconditioning: Towards a definition of noise. No exercise of power, no representation, no social silence produced by the repetitive machine: With noise is born disorder and its opposite – the world. Strictly from 7-10 pm Free entry! […]

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Instore set by Syd (Bruits de Fond) Mixcloud +fgnugn +ZFE Strategies of interference, aural interventions, anti-spectacular ruses, musical deprogramming, sonic deconditioning: Towards a definition of noise. No exercise of power, no representation, no social silence produced by the repetitive machine: With noise is born disorder and its opposite – the world. Strictly from 7-10 […]

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THIS SPECIAL OFFER HAS EXPIRED – SUBSCRIPTIONS NOW COST EUR 15.00 still a steal for what you get !  Subscription for 3 print issues of Datacide, the magazine for noise and politics! The price includes shipping to anywhere in the world. Choose which issue you want your subscription to begin (let us know in the […]

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Since the beginning of the ‘proper’ Praxis Online Shop in 2005, over 7,500 titles have been listed. Of course not all of these are currently available, but a surprisingly large number are. This is because we have always gone to lengths to re-stock titles we once decided were worth listing in our store. Often this […]

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