The Wirebug [Artist Profile]

The Wirebug, aka Dan Hekate Artist Profile

Dan Moss aka The Wirebug while being interviewed for the Noise & Politics channel.

Hard and experimental

The Wirebug is a project for hard and experimental broken beats by Dan Moss, aka Dan Hekate.

Dan has been active as a musician since 1996 as a co-founder of the Hekate Soundsystem and has been involved in the running of labels such as Hex, Coven H and New Skin.

Dan and the Hekate sound system have been longtime friends and allies of the Praxis label and have been featured several times on our Noise & Politics YouTube channel, including a full length interview in 2023.

Even before the first appearance on Praxis proper, Dan and Christoph Fringeli from Praxis collaborated. These can be heard on Ambush 5 and New Skin 1 and 2.

Releases on Praxis

The first Wirebug appearance in the Praxis catalog is the 2001 EP The Uncontrollable H Disease, a 4-track vinyl EP.

In the late 2010s he produced the full length album Factory Food, which came out in 2019 as a 6-track vinyl EP and 14-track digital album.

In 2024 two digital remix releases came out, first the 5-track EP Factory Food Remixed with remixes of the title track of the album by [M], Killabomb, Kovert, Psychic Defence, and an extended version of the track by Dan himself.

And hot on the heels of the Factory Food Remixed, the track Busted Gush, also from Factory Food, was remixed by Alex Buess and released in the Praxis Digital Remix Series.

Interview with Dan on Noise & Politics

Dan is also a Datacide author and a feature film director. He still works actively on music, besides The Wirebug in the band projects Incirrata and Brace Brace.

On the Noise & Politics youtube channel you can also find several live videos, for example this one from Lyon 2022:

Dan Hekate live at Hekate Soundsystem 25th anniversary party, Lyon March 2022.


  • incirrata {at} or message to Dan’s insta

Dan Moss Links

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The Wirebug: Busted Gush (Remix by Alex Buess)

Artist: The Wirebug
Remix: Alex Buess
Title: Busted Gush
Label: Praxis
Series: Praxis Digital Remix Series
Catalog Number: PraxisX6
Release Date: 01-07-202

Digital cover art for PraxisX6

Brand new remix by Alex Buess (16-17, Cortex et al) of the track Busted Gush from The Wirebug’s album Factory Food (Praxis 57), hot on the heels of the ‘Factory Food Remixed’ EP and exactly a year after his massive remix of Welcome to Violence by Base Force One.

SoundCloud Player for PraxisX6

Other releases by The Wirebug on Praxis

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re:focus @ Lauschangriff 04-07-2024 in Berlin

Re:Focus #21, our edition for July 2024, is taking place on Thursday 04-07-2024 at Lauschangriff Berlin
///////////////// presented by Psychic Defence & Praxis /////////////////////
Experimental electronics – breakcore – noise

Lineup for re:focus July 2024:

  • fgnugn
  • Barik
  • Rübezahl
  • Airdmun

See you there !
Rigaer Straße 103
10247 Berlin
Doors open 8.00pm, sets start at 9pm. Until 2am+

Check out the Noise & Politics linktree:


And some more infos on the artists:


was a co-organiser and resident at the original NoiseAngriff events that took place at the Lauschangriff from 2012 onwards. He’s known for his vinyl DJ sets of noisy drones and industrial weirdness. Here’s his soundcloud.


will present his live set of abstract noisy cut-up beats


is an electronic musician, that builds his own instruments and gadgets. From his Nintendo Gameboy he is sending bleeps and pulses at extremes speeds. The fast becomes the new slow. Combined with the soothing sounds of the unique Xaphoon, a mixture between a flute and a saxophone, he creates an apocalyptic atmosphere that is surprisingly fun and deliciously entertaining. His self built instruments are one of a kind, incorporating the audience and the environment in the performance. There’s a focus on analogue electronics and exploring the physical facet of sound. Feedback loops and further processing make sure the blurred line between dancefloor and experimental music is neglected at all times.


is responsible for many yummy eggplant recipes and a crossover of experimental electronica with beats and atmosphere.


is a secret alias of someone from the subsonic Yaya stratosphere providing experimental breakbeats with depth and emotion.

and maybe hosts linxi and/or CF (aka Psychic Defence) will have a moment to throw in their interpretation of what beats and noise can do in 2024!

Re:Focus #21 July 2024 at Lauschangriff In Berlin.

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Nomex [Artist Profile]

Nomex artist profile on Praxis

Nomex was the pseudonym of noise musician and film maker Paul Kidd (1967-2014). Paul was a part of the crew throwing the Dead by Dawn parties at the 121 Centre in Brixton, London, from 1994-1996, along with TechNet and Praxis.

From 1996-1999 he ran his own Adverse label, releasing some key records of conceptual noise of its time.

In 1997/98 he also ran the Maschinenbau label along with DJ Scud. They released two collaborations, the Eurostar/Piling Machine and Total Destruction, both on 7″, now classics of the noise-breakcore crossover and re-released on one 12″ on Praxis (with the catalog number Praxis 56) in 2018.

In 1999 his EP Trocante Gramofony EP was released on Praxis with the catalog number Praxis 33. A fantastic mix of experimental noise, found sounds and audio collage. Originally on transparent vinyl, this was re-released in a limited edition of 100 by Praxis in 2021.

Paroxism EP (Praxis 60) in 2024

2024 finally sees the release of his Paroxism EP, planned as a Praxis release and more or less ready around 2010. Currently (June 2024) it’s on pre-sale in the Praxis online shop. A few tracks are available to listen to on the Praxis Soundcloud already. The catalog number will be Praxis 60.

Tragically Paul Kidd died in a motorcycle accident in New Zealand in February 2014.

His former partner Jo Burzynska wrote a memoir of him, titled A Life in Full Frequency for the Almanac for Noise & Politics in 2016 (released as an eBook in 2024), where John Eden’s interview with Nomex – originally for Datacide 13 (2013) – was also republished. For the same issue of the Almanac, Christoph Fringeli compiled a commented discography of Nomex and Adverse Records. We recently published an expanded web version of this on the Datacide website.

Praxis Discography

  • Praxis 33 – Nomex: Trocante Gramofony E.P. 1999/2021
  • Praxis 56 – Nomex & Scud: Maschinenbau EP 2018
  • Praxis 60 – Nomex: Paroxism EP 2024


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Psychic Defence [Artist Profile]

Psychic Defence Artist Profile.

linxi & CF – Psychic Defence live in Procida, Italy

Psychic Defence is a live and studio project of hard hitting experimental beats, bass, and noise, combining the psychic and sonic forces of linxi and Christoph Fringeli.

Standing on the dance floor at the confluence of outer space speedcore, classic breakcore, deep bass immersion and the dark, uncharted territories of noise, Psychic Defence brings an unexpected temperament to the rave. Started in 2014 as the couple’s psychogeographical wanderings around historical Berlin locations, the project captured characteristic sounds with linxi’s iphone 4 and built upon decades of dance mutations.

Psychic Defence has played live sets often alongside their respective DJ sets in Basel, Berlin, Bratislava, Bologna, Budapest, Hamburg, London, Lublin, Lyon, Marburg, Monza, Olympia WA, Paris, Portland OR, Prague, Procida, San Francisco, and Vienna.

Psychic Defence are hosting the monthly experimental electronics night re:focus in Berlin, which takes place every first Thursday of the month at Lauschangriff, where they are also resident DJs.

Psychic Defence live at Vinyl Resistance, Monza 2017


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Hekate Soundsystem presents: Ferrous Boombox at ADM Noord Amsterdam 14/15 June 2024

Hekate Soundsystem present FERROUS BOOMBOX at ADM Noord Amsterdam on the weekend of June 14/15, 2024.

A two day event at the legendary ADM social centre in Amsterdam, featuring experimental bass music and industrial cabaret.

Friday June 14, 9pm-4am

  • Skaface
  • Enreset
  • HipSick
  • Vera Spektor
  • Brace Brace
  • Aural Floss
  • Incirrata
  • Cybele
  • N-rgle les Trolls

Saturday June 15, 9pm-4am

  • Broken Doll
  • The Reverend
  • R.S.S.
  • Luke Hekate
  • Stefan ZMK Breakcore/IDM set
  • Xanopticon
  • Yann Hekate

10 Euro entry, with a cut price available for ppl coming both days and a donation option available for ppl who can’t afford the full price. Everyone welcome apart from racists, homophobes and politicians.

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Time Destroys Everything – Amsterdam 08-06-2024

08.06.2024, NoAlign Presents Time Destroys Everything At OT301, Amsterdam, NL

Doors will open at OT301 on Saturday June 8 at 19.00, and the talk will start shortly after, so make sure to be there on time if you want to catch it.

Talk Overview:
Christoph Fringeli is a writer, musician and publisher living and working in Berlin. He runs Praxis Records since 1992 and is the editor of Datacide – Magazine for Noise & Politics since 1997.
In his talk he will present and critically investigate the concept of counterculture from its origins in the 1960s via its mutations with Punk in the 70s and how it entered a new phase in the 90s with the explosion of sound system culture, free festivals and self-managed distribution networks of electronic music, as well as the intersections of this musical underground with radical emancipatory politics.
He will also look at reactionary attempts to co-opt countercultural strategies and topics by the far right as well as recuperation by the capitalist mainstream.
The crucial question is: How relevant are the concepts of challenging the cultural, political, economic and social status quo devised by the radicals of the past in the digital age?
Today we have whole new arsenals of communication and agitation or experimentation. We have to apply these to complement the media experience we have accumulated in the last century, in line with the gains we have made in terms of knowledge about revolutionary history.
Christoph’s talk will be followed by discussion and will be illustrated by selected visual material.


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The Wirebug: Factory Food Remixed

On Factory Food Remixed the title track of The Wirebug’s 2019 album Factory Food (Praxis 57) is getting remixed by [M], Killabomb, Kovert, Psychic Defence, plus an extended mix by The Wirebug himself.

Cover design of by Luke Hekate

Artist: The Wirebug
Title: Factory Food Remixed
Label: Praxis
Catalog Number: Praxis 57X
Release Date: 01-06-2024

On this new digital release (Praxis 57X), the title track of The Wirebug’s 2019 album Factory Food (Praxis 57) is getting the remix treatment by [M], Killabomb, Kovert, Psychic Defence and an extended mix by Dan Hekate, aka The Wirebug himself.

A truly international line-up with artists from Brazil, Kenya, the UK, US and Germany is adding new dimensions to The Wirebug’s own take on industrial beats and noise.

This release was in the works for quite some time and we were hoping to issue it as a vinyl 12″, but in the end opted for a digital-only release via bandcamp and soundcloud.

Cover art by Luke Hekate.

Released on June 1, 2024 via the Praxis Bandcamp!

Artist links:

Other players:

Praxis 57X on YouTube via Noise & Politics

Other releases by The Wirebug on Praxis

  • Praxis 28 – The Uncontrollable H Disease (2001)
  • Praxis 57 – Factory Food (2019)
  • PraxisX6 – Busted Gush (Remix by Alex Buess) (2024)
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Praxis Vinyl Fundraiser 2024 – UPDATE!

Here’s an Update for our Praxis Vinyl Fundraiser started in February. We started a Gofundme campaign to raise money for pressing a number of Praxis records which had piled up over the preceding months and years and couldn’t be realised due to lack of funds.

We’ve been running this under the title “Should the next Praxis Releases be on Vinyl?”

In my text about the fundraiser I hoped to hint at the fact that without some sort of cash injection we’re simply not able to release any vinyl at this point in time. Squeezed between rising prices and lower sales, the question was not meant to be taken completely literally, but whether you would support us in the pursuit of realising (some of these) projects.

I also suggested to vote for which record(s) you would like to see on vinyl.

Every €10 donation would count as one vote.

Seven records are/were up for vote, one of which is (projected to be) a triple 12” with a printed sleeve. Ironically the triple album (featuring unreleased material by various Praxis artists originally recorded between 1993 and the early 2000s) is the one that has received the most votes.

This is the current vote tally:

1. Praxis 15 – 3×12” compilation

2. Praxis 60 – Nomex: Paroxism EP

3. Praxis 46 – Anonymous Series Vol.3

4. Praxis 62 – Nihil Fist 7”

5. Praxis 57X – The Wirebug: Factory Food Remixes

What’s next?

This puts us into a dilemma, because the overall amount we manged to raise so far is not enough to start production of a triple album.

But since the influx of donations has at least temporarily died down, we decided on the following course of action:

– in order to get things moving on the vinyl front, we’ll start the process with the number 2 in our charts, the posthumous Nomex album. We can now guarantee that this release is doable. We still need to raise more funds to be able to pay for the whole manufacturing, so we’ll start a pre-sale for it right now: You can now pre-order HERE

– In May and June we’ll give the Gofundme fundraiser another push. We’re still dedicated to get the first 4 records on the list out on vinyl, besides the Nomex this will be the Praxis 15, 46 and the Nihil Fist record. The strategy will again be that as soon as enough funds come together to be able to reasonably guarantee the actual release, we can start a presale.

– As the remaining Praxis 57X, 61 and Sub/Version 015 are way behind in the tally, we’ll first move on the Wirebug Remixes to come out as a digital release.

Praxis 57X – Factory Food Remixed – to be released via bandcamp June 1, 2024

So I’m happy to say The Wirebug ‘Factory Food Remixed’ with interpretations by [M], Killabomb, Kovert, Psychic Defence and an extended mix by The Wirebug himself will come out digitally via our Bandcamp as well as streaming via SoundCloud on June 1st.

I’m a bit sad it won’t be on vinyl, but we’ll see how things go!

Praxis 61 – fully produced and in theory ready for release – may not come out due to other circumstances. Sub/Version 015 finally – planned as a release to wrapping up/updating/possibly ending the Sub/Version project – is/was still in the early stages and may be shelved or else released digitally as well in the future.


So the good news in this update is: there is movement in the Praxis Vinyl Fundraiser!

There will be at least one record!

Please consider helping us speed up the process, either by

– contributing to the Gofundme campaign. I know it may be much to ask for, because you don’t exactly receive anything in return – at least not immediately. All you get is that the label exists and continues to put out great music… and any amount helps us get the ball rolling again!




– pre-order the Nomex record and/or watch out for other releases reach the preorder stage! Like this you help us secure the second part of the pre-financing of the manufacturing costs.




– consider taking out a Super-Subscription. This is the most value-for-money option where you pay €100 for 120 euros worth of records, magazines, books, downloads, shirts etc from Praxis, Datacide, Sub/Version, Molehill and more. This subscription is highly customisable. If you only want music-related products and only the shirts you really like – no problem! Or if you only want printed material and music downloads – no problem! Etc. You can even include back catalogue items, and you get 10% off (almost) all items in the Praxis Online shop on top! For full details check out the link below:




Thanks for your support!!

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re:focus @ Lauschangriff 02-05-2024 in Berlin

Re:Focus #20 is taking place on Thursday this week – 02-05-2024
///////////////// presented by Psychic Defence & Praxis /////////////////////
The monthly night of Experimental electronics – breakcore – noise is back on May 2nd, 2024.
• ///////////////////////////////////
• Lineup for re:focus this week:
• linxi
• Notorische Ruhestörung [ ]
• Need4Corn [ ]
• Christoph Fringeli
• ///////////////////////////////////
See you there !
Rigaer Straße 103
10247 Berlin
Doors open 8.00pm, sets start at 9pm. Until 2am+

Check out the Noise & Politics linktree:

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