As It Sounds Conference & Festival, Bethanien Berlin April 18-21, 2024

Logo/Artwork by Meta Morffosis

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Save the date April 18th – 21st – a 4-day intervention with workshops, discussions, talks, performances, exhibitions and DJ sets.

Where? Projektraum Kunstquartier Bethanien, Mariannenplatz 2A, 10997 Berlin. For directions look here

When? April 18/ 19/ 20 5.00 – 10.00 PM (17.00 – 22.00 Fri – Sat) April 21 3.00 – 8.00 PM (15.00 – 20.00 Sun)

Entrance? FREE

Stacks, tubes and conical apparatuses, for those engaged in the appreciation of sonic
endeavours, are more than inanimate objects. Sound System Culture aims to shed light on
the aspects of the sound system that extend beyond the PA system, to the group behind it
that builds, operates, and creates the crucial interaction between social groups. These
may be the crew, musicians, technicians, but also the local supporters of such scenes.
When seen in such light, sound systems become an instrument to play music, a tool to
create and change landscapes, to amplify statements, and eventually form cultures and
As an audience you are invited to get involved in the event through workshops, exhibitions,
lectures, installations, performances and of course through moving to the sound. We bring
the academic discourse to the dance floor, the party to the lecture hall and the sound
system as an art object to the gallery.
Held in a festival format at the Kunstquartier Bethanien, the four day program was
designed for artists and visitors to meet eye to eye, and explore from different
perspectives, content-related / aesthetic aspects of what we perceive as sound system

Sound Performances:
— DJ Badshape
— DJ Die Soon feat Infinite Livez
— Ilia Gorovitz & Munsha
— Chebedajah
— Prince Istari aka Istari Lasterfahrer
— Psychic Defence
— Rafush
— Roots Daughters
— Schoco Mune
— Shannon Soundquist

— Jeannette Petrik
— Shannon Soundquist

Lectures, Talks, Panels:
— ‘Experimental Music in Eastern Europe’ with SPFM Booking
— ‘Global Bass and Community Work’ with Jackie Jackpot (Jenseits von Nelken und
Pralinen) Richard Akingbehin (Refuge Worldwide) Sarah Farina (Transmission)
— ‘Nothing Essential Happens in the Absence of Noise…’ with Praxis Records
(discoursive film screening and listening)
— Conny Zenk

—- Fabio Ney
—- Group exhibition University of Art and Design Linz
Powered by BUSS (Big & Ugly Soundsystem)

This year’s event was made in cooperation with the University of Art and Design Linz
thanks to Eliot & Moritz Pisk , funded and supported by the Musicboard Berlin GmbH and
Stiftung DKLB.

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Re:Focus @ Lauschangriff 04-04-2024 in Berlin

Re:Focus #19 is taking place on Thursday – 04-04-2024

///////////////// presented by Psychic Defence & Praxis /////////////////////

Experimental electronics – breakcore – noise

  • ///////////////////////////////////
  • Lineup for re:focus this week:
  • linxi
  • Christoph Fringeli
  • Pure
  • Alpha Zen Taurï 
  • ///////////////////////////////////

See you there !


Rigaer Straße 103

10247 Berlin

Doors open 8.00pm, sets start at 9pm. Until 2am+

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Spring 2024 Catalogue out now and Available for Download!

Download or Browse the new Spring 2024 catalogue!

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Re:Focus @ Lauschangriff 07-03-2024 in Berlin

Re:Focus #18 is taking place on Thursday this week – 07-03-2024

///////////////// presented by Psychic Defence & Praxis /////////////////////

Experimental electronics – breakcore – noise

  • ///////////////////////////////////
  • Lineup for re:focus this week:
  • linxi
  • Christoph Fringeli
  • 𝓘𝔠𝔥𝔦 𝕥𝕙𝕖 𝔎𝔦𝔩𝔩𝔢𝔯 
  • CRi
  • Beatxo
  • ///////////////////////////////////

See you there !


Rigaer Straße 103

10247 Berlin

Doors open 8.00pm, sets start at 9pm. Until 2am+

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Should the Next Praxis Releases by on Vinyl?

Vinyl has been the essential format for our releases in the past.

But how does that fit in the current musical landscape?

While we also publish digital-only releases, we still see the value of publishing as physical hard copy. Take a look at the list of releases we have in the pipeline below and let us know what you think.

If you agree, please make a donation, and please let us know which record(s) you would like to see in a physical vinyl format, by writing a public “supporter message” on Gofundme, or send us a DM/email.




Praxis is a record label dedicated to experimental hardcore and radical breaks and other forms of challenging electronic music and noise. Founded in 1992 by Christoph Fringeli in London, Praxis is now based in Berlin, where we also run the Praxis online shop and distribution.

We have released about 60 vinyl records on Praxis proper and about the same number on sub- or associated labels, amongst them many classics and gems of the hardcore, breakcore, speedcore, experimental broken beat and noise genres.

A number of factors, such as

  • generally slumping record sales in the harsher underground dance music over the last decade or even longer
  • gentrification forcing us to close our shop with its cheap rent at Berlin Ostkreuz in 2018
  • the effects of the Covid pandemic
  • and finally steeply rising prices in the record and print industry, both in manufacturing and shipping, as well as the general crisis and inflation

have led to a situation where our vinyl productions have basically ground to a halt in 2022/23.

But we have a number of exciting releases, some already mastered, all waiting to see the light of day. On vinyl if possible.

  • Praxis 57X – Factory Food Remixed. The title track of The Wirebug’s 2019 album Factory Food gets the remix treatment by [MONRHEA], Killabomb, Kovert, Psychic Defence and The Wirebug himself. Production status: Pre-master done and ready to go into production. Funding status: None.
  • Praxis 60 – Nomex: Paroxysm. Ever since his 1999 release Trocante Gramofony EP (Praxis 33), there had been talk about doing a follow up and around 2010 Nomex indeed worked on an album for Praxis, the material for which was finished, but not compiled at the time of his death. We compiled it as close as possible to what we think his intentions would have been and as to be expected it’s a killer noise album! Production status: Pre-master done and ready to go into production. Funding status: None.
  • Praxis 61 – V***** A******* EP. Currently under negotiation, update will be posted soon. This title may be replaced by a different one during this campaign. Pre-master done and ready to go into production. Funding status: None.
  • Praxis 62 – Nihil Fist. As yet untitled. Brand new material by the master of relentless political speedcore noise. Production status: Tracks are being compiled and we’re about to decide whether to make it a 7″ or a 12″, with two or four tracks. Funding status: Partially funded.
  • Praxis 15 – A compilation of previously unreleased material from ca. 1993-2003, which was originally planned as a triple vinyl album to celebrate the 15th birthday of Praxis in 2007. After not being able to release the ambitious project at the time, it was put on ice. But the material is just too good to remain in limbo. Help us to get it our this time round! We will share more details about this in the near future. Production status: Being partially re-compiled. Most tracks chosen and graphics for cover already exist. Funding status: none.
  • Praxis 46 – Praxis Anonymous Series Volume 3. The Praxis Anonymous Series was conceived as a 3-part series with cutting edge radical electronics, challenging the orientation towards the “artist genius” with a selection of tracks chosen for their quality and not for their marketability – in the format of anonymity. Volumes 1 and 2 appeared on vinyl in 2008 and 2011, Volume 3 was put on ice in the middle of the decade and is now being re-compiled.
  • Sub/Version 015. Sub/Version was the sister label to Praxis for hard drum’n’bass, darkstep and epic breakcore, always with an ear out for the bass and an eye out for the dancefloor. 14 vinyl releases appeared between 1997 and 2009, and 10 digital releases from 2010-2012. We would like to wrap up the project with a “hindsight” EP of four Sub/Version artists looking at what danceable bass heavy and hard rave would sound like now.
  • Digital“. You feel vinyl is over or not for you, and we should just release everything in digital format – but still want to support our work with a donation? Write “digital” as your choice.

Now it’s TIME TO VOTE!

When donating at least 10 Euro, please write the catalog number of the release you want to support in the comments!

Every 10 Euro donation counts as one vote. So if you donate 30 euros you could conceivably give one vote to 3 different records etc.

We will keep tallying up the votes and give progress reports as soon as it makes sense, at the latest when enough donations have accumulated to realise at least one of the projects.

Initially we set the funding goal at EUR 4000. This amount would roughly translate into realising two of the releases or in the case of Praxis 15 of one. Depending on which releases “win” out, the goal will be adjusted/raised accordingly.

Now let’s go!



CURRENT VOTE TALLY – last updated 04-03-2024, 21:22

  • 1. Praxis 60 – Nomex
  • 2. Praxis 46 – Praxis Anonymous Series Vol. 1
  • 3. Praxis 62 – Nihil Fist
  • 3. Praxis 15 – compilation
  • 5. Praxis 57X – Factory Food Remixed





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Un.Core.Bar #9 at Køpi Berlin 02-03-2024 #9 takes place at Køpi Berlin Saturday March 2nd, 2024 is back with the #9 instalment in the legendary Køpikeller on March 2, 2024 with fat line-up of experimental speed-, flash-, and breakcore! Starts at 10pm.

Line-up (in this order!)

  • Sett
  • Silnaye
  • Herman Heartcore
  • Psychic Defence
  • Nihil Fist
  • Messias
  • Memero
  • Unprofessional
  • X________
  • Zombieflesheater
  • Visuals by Goatlady
  • Soundsystem by Yaya


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Amboss: Basic Training

Amboss: Basic Training [praxis_01001]

A 10 track compilation of previously unreleased material by Amboss, written and produced in 2000-2003. Released via the Praxis Bandcamp on March 1st, 2024.

Praxis Digital praxis_01001 is an album by Amboss, collecting 10 previously unreleased tracks, originally written between 2000 and 2003, stemming from his earliest creative period.

His first releases appeared in 2002 and 2003, such as the split Cassette with Redcode and his first vinyl release on Mindbender Records. This was followed up with records on Restroom (a split EP with Zombieflesheater) and No Room For Talent.

In 2007 he started regularly releasing on the Praxis sub-label Sub/Version with two 12”s, Nitro/Razor Pleasure in 2007, and Kompressorwahn/Avenida Paulista in 2009, which is arguably the hardest drum’n’bass record ever, in 2009.

He then honed his sound in the direction of an industrial techno drum’n’bass on two releases for the Sub/Version Digital series, Terrorapparat in 2010 and Jük Jük in 2011.

2014 saw his 4-track release Vision on Praxis proper, combining a range of different styles from breakcore to industrial dubstep and hard techno.

Basic Training, the title of the new Praxis Digital release, returns to his origins, combining the raw energy of early 2000s breakcore with a harsh rave and drum’n’bass sensibility.

Basic Training on SoundCloud:

Soundcloud player for praxis_01001

Baseic Training on YouTube:

YouTube playlist for praxis_01001

Basic Training on Spotify:

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Re:Focus @ Lauschangriff 01-02-2024 in Berlin

We’re back! Re:Focus #17 is taking place on Thursday this week – 01-02-2024

///////////////// presented by Psychic Defence & Praxis /////////////////////

Experimental electronics – breakcore – noise

  • ///////////////////////////////////
  • Lineup for re:focus this week:
  • Christoph Fringeli
  • Crash 0.1
  • Aural Floss
  • Memero
  • Zombieflesheater
  • ///////////////////////////////////

See you there !


Rigaer Straße 103

10247 Berlin

Doors open 8.00pm, sets start at 9pm. Until 2am+

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Charts 2023 – Sales and plays: Vinyl, digital, streaming, youtube

Sales, Downloads, Streams of Tracks, Mixes and Videos in 2023!

Physical Sales 2023
Praxis Online Shop / Bandcamp Merch / Donorbox / Discogs

1. Datacide Nineteen (Datacide 19) (new in 2023)        
2. Fuckparade 2023 T-Shirts (new in 2023)           
3. EVERYTHING ELSE IS EVEN MORE RIDICULOUS – a decade of noise & politics: datacide magazine 1-10 (Molehill Publishing ISBN 978-3-948332-01-3) (2022: 6)
4. Death Cascade: All Matter is Frozen Light (DCCD01) (new in 2023)
5. 20 Years of Praxis cassette (Praxis 20) (2022: not in charts)
6. Nihil Fist: Sado Arab (Cathartic Noize Experience X-021) (2022: 2)
7. Christoph Fringeli & DJ Pure: Dark Star/Anti-Christ (Sub/Version 012) (2022: not in charts)
8. S/M: The Doombringer (Abundanz, ABZ005) (new in 2023)
9. 25 Years Hateparade T-Shirt (new in 2023)        
10. Death Cascade: Preternal Surcease (Cathartic Noize Experience X-019) (2022: 3)
11. V/A: The Twerking Bužirka Enigma (Yaya027) (new in 2023)
12. Nihil Fist: Full Force Resistor (Independent Bloc 36, Bloc-04) (2022: not in charts)
13. Datacide Eighteen (Datacide 18) (2022: 19)          
14. Aion Draught: Aufhebung (Abundanz ABZ003) (2022: not in charts)
15. Sadistic: Lasers, Oscillations and Transient Flashes (Cathartic Noize Experience X-020) (2022: 4)
16. Idll: Recurrence (ABZ004) (2022: not in charts)
17. Base Force One: Expenditure of Excess Energy (Still Raven 003) (2022: 13)
18. Amboss: Vision (Praxis 53) (2022: 16)               
19. The Future Is Cancelled T-Shirt (Praxis_Future-Shirt) (2022: 5)
20. DJ Scud & Nomex: Maschinenbau EP (Praxis 56) (2022: not in charts)

Bandcamp Digital Sales 2023

1. Base Force One: Welcome to Violence (Remix by Alex Buess) (PraxisX5, new in 2023) 
2. 16-17: Gyatso (Praxis 59) (2022: 2)
3. Base Force One: The Point of No Return (Nihil Fist Remix) (PraxisX4, new in 2023)
4. Noface: Hallucinate (Remix by Base Force One) (PraxisX3) (2022: n/a)
5. Base Force One: Welcome to Violence (Praxis 27) (2022: 10)
6. 16-17: The Pandemic Wargames Remixes (Praxis 58) (2022: 6)
7. DJ Scud: Strong Back/Heavy Duty (Sub/Version 009) (2022: 7)
8. Kovert: Shock Effect (Praxis 34) (2022: not in chart)
9. Noize Creator: The Future is Cancelled (Praxis 51) (2022: 8)
10. Nomex & Scud: Maschinenbau EP (Praxis 56) (2022: 3)
11. Christoph Fringeli & DJ Pure: Dark Star/Anti-Christ (Sub/Version 012) (2022: 4)
12. Amboss: Vision (Praxis 53) (2022: 15)
13. 16-17: Mechanophobia (Praxis 31) (2022: 13)
14. Cortex: Beware of the Arm of Flesh (praxis_digital_01000) (2022: 1)
15. 20 Years of Praxis (Praxis 20) (2022: 9)
16. Cortex: Vacuum Theory (Praxis 48) (2022: not in chart)
17. Fiend: Tools for Tomorrow EP (DMDIGI004) (2022: not in chart)
18. Nihil Fist: Think & Destroy (Praxis 38)(2022: not in chart)
19. Scaremonger Remixes (Praxis 1X) (2022: not in chart)
20. Potere Occulto (Praxis 25)(2022: not in chart)

Streaming – Bandcamp/ Youtube / Soundcloud; tracks

1.  Base Force One: Welcome to Violence (Remix by Alex Buess) (PraxisX5, new in 2023) 
2.  Base Force One: The Point of No Return (Nihil Fist Remix) (PraxisX4, new in 2023)
3.  16-17: Attack->Impulse (from Gyatso, Praxis 59/S+S001) (2022: 3) 
4.  Base Force One: Welcome to Violence (2022: not in chart)
5.  Noface: Hallucinate (Remix by Base Force One) (PraxisX3) (2022: n/a)
6.  Noize Creator: Who I Am (2022: 4)               
7.  Base Force One: The Point of No Return  (2022: not in chart)
8.  Base Force One: We Know (2022: not in chart)    
9.  Christoph Fringeli & Pure: Dark Star (Sub/Version 001/012) (2022: 1)
10. Base Force One: Phuturist (2022: not in chart)      
11. Noface: Master of the Lost Souls (2022: not in chart)   
12. Scud & Nomex: Total Destruction (2022: 8)       
13. Nomex & Scud: Eurostar (Praxis 56) (2022: 9)        
14. Metatron: Seduction Pt. 6 (2022: not in chart)      
15. Metatron: State of Emergency (2022: not in chart)   
16. 16-17: Mechanophobia (2022: not in chart)       
17. Pure & Christoph Fringeli: Anti-Christ (2022: 7)        
18. Cortex: The Machinic Phylum (2022: 2)           
19. Noface: Speedfreak (2022: not in chart)         
20. Disciples of Belial: Lucifer We Praise Thee (2022: not in chart)

DJ Mixes and Live Sets (audio)YouTube/Soundcloud

1.  Saxenhammer DJ Mix 2023                 
2.  Torah & Christoph Back to Back on Energy FM London 1995
3.  linxi DJ Set 2023 - das Loch                    
4.  0bleak DJ Mix 2023                          
5.  CRi DJ Set 2023                         
6.  20 Years of Praxis                              
7.  Kovert Praxis 23 DJ Set 
8.  Bourbonese Qualk: Live in Girona                
9.  Dimentia: Live at Detonal, Køpi Berlin 2016     
10. The Wirebug: Fungus Covered Dreams [live mix 2021]

Datacide: Most read articles in 2023 on

1.  Christoph Fringeli: Anti-Semitism from Beyond the Grave – Muslimgauze’s Jihad (Datacide 9) (2022: 3)
2.  Controlled Weirdness: You’re too Young to Remember the Eighties – Dancing in a Different Time (Datacide 10) (2022: 2)
3.  Ross Wolfe: Marxism Contra Justice (Datacide 18) (2022: 1)
4.  Christoph Fringeli: François Genoud – The Life of a Swiss Banker and Fascist Anti-Imperialist (Datacide 10) (2022: 5)
5.  Neil Transpontine: Spiral Tribe – Interview with Mark Angelo Harrison (Datacide 13) (2022: 13)
6.  Christoph Fringeli: Battlenoise! – On the Ideology of “Martial Industrial” Music (Book Review in Datacide 10) (2022: 4)
7.  Ian Trowell: Industrial Music for Industrial People: Throbbing Gristle 1978 (Datacide 19, new in 2023)
8.  Christoph Fringeli: Ernst Jünger’s “Waldgang” (Datacide 11) (2022: 10)
9.  Christoph Fringeli: COIL – Interview from 1986 plus Introduction (Datacide 9) (2022: 9)
10. Neil Transpontine: Revolt of the Ravers – The Movement against the Criminal Justice Act in Britain 1993-95 (Datacide 13) (2022: 7)
11. Strelnikov: Just Say Non: Nazism, Narcissism and Boyd Rice (Almanac for Noise & Politics 2015) (2022: 6)
12. Stewart Home: WE MEAN IT MAN: Punk Rock and Anti-Racism – or, Death In June not Mysterious (Datacide 7) (2022: 14)
13. Christoph Fringeli: From Subculture to Hegemony: Transversal Strategies of the New Right in Neofolk and Martial Industrial (Datacide 11) (2022: 19)
14. National Action neo-Nazi Terror Group: Connections to Neofolk Scene (Datacide online exclusive) (2022: 12)
15. John Eden: “They Hate Us, We Hate Them” – Resisting Police Corruption and Violence in Hackney in the 1980s and 1990s (Datacide 14) (2022: 8)
16. Christoph Fringeli: Interview With Nihil Fist - Full Transcript (Datacide 19/Noise & Politics YouTube, new in 2023)
17. Stewart Home: Dope smuggling, LSD manufacture, organised crime & the law in 1960s London (Datacide 10) (2022: 15)
18. Neil Transpontine: Defending Drag: South London is still Anti-Fascist (Datacide 19, new in 2023)
19. Christoph Fringeli: Interview with Dan Hekate on Sound Systems, Music, Movies - Full Transcript (Datacide online/Noise & Politics YouTube, new in 2023)
20. Jo Burzynska: Cosey Fanni Tutti: Memoirs of a Woman of Extreme Pleasures (Interview and Book Review) (Datacide 17) (2022: not in top 20)

YouTube Videos 2023(only actual videos, not counting the audio-only uploads which are included in the “Streaming” Charts)

1. The Molehill Report #10 - Praxis Records History
2. Fuckparade 2023 - Un.Core.Bar truck with Nihil Fist Zara Paz
3. Full Interview with Nihil Fist (2022: 4)
4. Full Interview with Dan Hekate on Sound System History, Music and Movie Making
5. The Molehill Report #12 - Dan Hekate Interview; Skin & Speech; Controlled Weirdness; Stewart Home
6. The Molehill Report #6 - Hakim Bey / Peter Lamborn Wilson / TAZ (2022: 8)
7. Dan Hekate aka The Wirebug live at re:focus Berlin 02-03-2023
8. Bourbonese Qualk live at 121 Centre 1993 VIDEO by Nomex 
9. The Molehill Report #11 - Joke Lanz aka Sudden Infant Interview; One Year Molehill Report
10. Full Interview with Peter Votava, aka Pure / Current 909 / Ilsa Gold (2022: 2)
11. Full Interview with Joke Lanz / Sudden Infant
12. 121 Centre Railton Road - End of the Year Party 1993 - Beginning of the Night - filmed by Nomex
13. Messias Live at re:focus, Berlin 07-07-2022
14. Memero Live at re:focus, Berlin 07-07-2022
15. Full Interview with Sansculotte on breakcore visuals and parties in Berlin
16. The Molehill Report #1 - Riccardo Balli; Launch of The Molehill Report (2022: 1)
17. re:focus Event 06-04-2023 at Lauschangriff Berlin - Trailer
18. UPCOMING EVENT: Hekate Sound System in Rome 6/7-10-2023
19. Invitriol Live at re:focus, Berlin 04-05-2023
20. Munsha Live at re:focus, Berlin 02-03-2023
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re:focus @ Lauschangriff 07-12-2023 in Berlin

Re:focus #16 on 07-12-2023

re:focus #16 takes place next Thursday 

07-12-2023 in Berlin

Lineup for re:focus this week:
Zara Paz & Oily Lagoon
Christoph Fringeli

see you there><<<<<<<<<<


Experimental electronics – breakcore – noise

See you there 


Rigaer Straße 103

10247 Berlin

Doors open 8.00pm, sets start at 9pm. Until 2am+

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