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Christoph Fringeli at LiveEvil London 2020

A short excerpt from CF’s set at LiveEvil, February 22, 2020. Playing Noface “Master of the Lost Souls” (from Praxis 6) and DJ Jackal “Drum Trax pt.1” (from Praxis 9). Booked to play early Praxis & Dead by Dawn tracks. Ah, back in the day when we had parties celebrating parties back in the day! That was great fun and the crowd was having it! Filmed by Lynx.

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16-17: The Pandemic Wargames Remixes

Praxis 58
The Pandemic Wargames Remixes
12″ – 24-08-2020

Release date: 24-08-2020

16-17 return to Praxis with a triple assault of ultrasonic remixes. The Pandemic Wargames Remixes are based on backing tracks originally recorded in 1995 for a follow up to the album Gyatso which eventually materialised earlier in 2020 in the form of the Phantom Limb LP on Trost. After that Alex Buess once more gave three tracks a severe treatment for The Pandemic Wargames Remixes 12″ on Praxis, bringing sound and mix firmly into the 2020s.

16-17 return to Praxis with a triple assault of ultrasonic remixes. The Pandemic Wargames Remixes are based on backing tracks originally recorded in 1995 for a follow up to the album Gyatso which eventually materialised earlier in 2020 in the form of the Phantom Limb LP on Trost. After that Alex Buess once more gave three tracks a severe treatment for The Pandemic Wargames Remixes 12″ on Praxis, bringing sound and mix firmly into the 2020s.
16-17 started in 1983 in Basel, Switzerland as a three-piece “industrial punk jazz” outfit with Alex Buess, Markus Kneubühler and Knut Remond. They released a number of cassettes, before debuting with their self titled album in 1987. Two years later this was followed up by When All Else Fails, an LP of treated live recordings on Vision, the precursor label to Praxis.
By this time 16-17 had already garnered a cult following with their incredibly forceful live performances.
Around the same time there was a proliferation of side-projects and Alex Buess became the sound mixer/co-producer of the Vision material and it wasn’t till 1994 that the band came out with a new album. Gyatso was produced by Kevin Martin (Techno Animal, The Bug) and released on his Pathological label (re-released in 2008 on Savageland, both times on CD only) and, besides Martin, featured G.Green (Godflesh) as a guest musician.
Buess also collaborated with Martin on the ICE project which also included Justin Broadrick aka J.K.Flesh of Godflesh, the other half of Techno Animal. Buess also took part of the Sprawl project with Peter Brötzmann, William Parker, Michael Wertmüller and Stephan Wittwer which appeared on Trost Records in 1997.
Following Gyatso there were to be two other significant releases bearing the 16-17 name. The first was a direct outgrowth of the collaborations with Kevin Martin: Human Distortion, released on Digital Hardcore Recordings in 1998, and Mechanophobia on Praxis (Praxis 31, 1999).
Mechanophobia presented two “Sound System Mixes”, dynamic, morphing tracks, produced by Alex Buess and Roger Graf, and featuring Daniel Buess on drums. Around the same time the two Buess started the Cortex project and would together reappear on Praxis with Vacuum Theory (Praxis 48) in 2011 and “Skin Craft” (Praxis 55) in 2016.
Unknown to the public there were a number of 16-17 recordings with the line-up Alex Buess/Damien Bennett/Michael Wertmüller from 1995 which had remained unfinished. Out fo these, with contributions of Eugene S. Robinson, Kasia Meow and Roger Graf, the album Phantom Limb was crafted in 2018/2019 and released on Trost in January 2020.
Out of these sessions came the raw material to The Pandemic Wargames Remixes which include the first track of the Phantom Limb album ‘The Hate Remains The Same’, as well as two more mixes,including the heavy dub version of ‘Nemesis’.

BUY The Pandemic Wargames Remixes on vinyl
BUY The Pandemic Wargames Remixes in digital formats
The Pandemic Wargames Remixes on Discogs
Alex Buess website
Alex Buess Discogs
Alex Buess Wikipedia [english][deutsch]

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Subscriptions to Datacide and Praxis Records

Over at Datacide we have simplified the subscription options. There is now one standard subscription and one super-subscription which includes all Praxis record releases as well as printed and digital datacides. Check it out:


Click on the above graphic to get directly to paypal and choose from the following options:

  • Buy single copy for EUR 6.00. Please state which issue and which address to send it to.
  • Standard Subscription for EUR 23.00. This new standard subscription includes four issues in print and digital. State which issue you want the subscription to start with and which address to send paper copies to.
  • Super Subscription for EUR 100.00. This subscription covers music and print! You are sent all issues of datacide, the almanac, related books, and all Praxis and related record releases for two years and at least up to the retail value of at least 120 euro (so if not enough releases come out, the subscription will automatically last longer), all including free shipping. Also includes catalog mail-outs, digital versions and exclusive downloads. Don’t forget to include shipping address!
  • Donate any amount. Any donations will receive the current issue in digital format. Donations of more than 23 euro automatically include a Standard Subscription. Consider making a recurring donation and receive all issues in digital format that come out in the given period.

Don’t have paypal? No problem! Either write to info (at) datacide-magazine (dot) com and we’ll supply you with the bank details, or go to the datacide/praxis section in the Praxis Online shop and order through there!

Using Brave browser? Donate BAT via Brave! Users of the Brave browser can donate BAT to Datacide!


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Disconnect Store re-opening!

Starting today, May 14, Praxis Records & Books @ Disconnect Store Berlin is reopening its doors to the public again after exactly two months of being closed as a result of the Corona pandemic. For the time being limitations apply: No more than two customers at a time. Disinfect your hands when you come in. Wear a mask! Visit us at Finowstr. 25, 10247 Berlin-Friedrichshain. Thurs-Sat 2-7pm!

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Shipping issues due to the Corona-crisis (We do ship!)


But due to the Coronavirus crisis there are a number of limitations:

– We currently only ship once a week, on Tuesday. For more details (and some exceptions) read below under (1)

– Postal services have implemented limitations on what can be sent to some countries. While shipping within Germany seems to work as usual, delays have to be expected in some European countries and severe limitations are in place for many overseas destinations. For more details see below under (2)


For the time being we only ship once a week, on Tuesday, to limit exposure to post office queues etc. 

If there is high volume, we might ship once more during the week, but generally it will be done every Tuesday afternoon. Exceptions are small orders, like single books or CDs which fit in a mailbox. These will be dispatched every 1-2 days.

All orders placed by Monday mid-afternoon will definitely be shipped on Tuesday, and most orders that come in by Tuesday morning as well. Note that our stocks are in two locations, the Disconnect Store and our storage unit. Storage can be accessed any time, while copies of records and books of which there is only one in the store will be collected Monday afternoon or evening. More stocks are being moved from the shop to storage to ensure better/faster service.

Our physical shop is closed for the time being and local pickup is currently not available, but we will be assessing the situation and try to accommodate anyone who wants to pick up their order in Berlin.


Generally the delivery services seem to work well, but there are exceptions. 

Within Germany packages sent with GLS as recently as the past week seemed to arrive within a day or two as usual. 

For international orders we shipped in the last couple of weeks we don’t have enough information. Delivery time may differ greatly depending on which area of the world and which country.

Many overseas destinations may well be incurring more than usual delays as air traffic is substantially reduced. 

In Europe there are some regional restrictions, especially in the east of France, But it seems that there are ways around it, although slower shipping than usual has to be expected.

If an order cannot be sent, we will contact you and you will have the choice between waiting for services to resume as normal or to receive a full refund.

Serious limitations are affecting orders placed from Australia, Canada, Japan and the USA (as well as other overseas countries) at the moment. UPDATE: Canada is now back to normal!

We currently cannot ship single or small quantities of records with the services we usually use (Deutsche Post Warensendung, or in some cases DHL Small Packet) to these destinations. 

In most cases, but not all, we can still send larger packages as DHL Priority Parcels. In theory we can also send smaller orders as Priority Parcels, but these are a lot more expensive than the usual Warensendung and we have to ask the customer to cover the extra cost.

We (still) hope that the normal services will resume within a reasonable time, so if you are in these countries or elsewhere where these or similar restrictions apply you can still buy records and we will send them at a later date, as soon as normal services resume. Please understand that when that will be the case is completely out of our control. You will also be given the option to cancel the order and receive a full refund.

Exception to these rules are normal letters as well as press products, meaning that we can still send copies of Datacide to Australia, Canada, Japan and the US (and most other countries with similar restrictions)!

We will update this post as soon as substantial changes are occurring.

For up to date changes, please refer to the page of the Deutsche Post web site


GLS has set up a similar page here (only for orders in Germany and some orders in the EU)


https://gls-group.eu/DE/media/downloads Aktuelle_Infos_Internationaler_Warenverkehr-2020-03-27.pdf

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Disconnect Store Berlin first Anniversary 23-03-2020

One year ago today we opened our new physical shop in Finowstrasse 25 in Berlin-Friedrichshain. We teamed up with Yaya23 – just like in the old store at Ostkreuz, where we were located from 2012-2018 – and were joined by Simon Lejeune aka Haedre, which added a whole new dimension.

The location is in a former fast food pizzeria which apparently was spontaneously abandoned in all its greasy glory. It took several weeks to renovate the space, but in the end it looked good and we just about got it ready for the grand opening on March 23rd, 2019.

The decision to get involved in a new shop project was not an easy one for me. As much as I liked the previous shop and others before it, economically it had created an ongoing dilemma. After all, the retail operation – physical as well as online – was supposed to generate the funds for the publishing side of things, in my case the label Praxis and the magazine Datacide and their respective offshoots. And besides these, my focus should have been on writing articles and making tracks. Instead, the retail operation was gobbling up more and more of my time while the returns were not nearly justifying the efforts, at least not in economic terms.

On the other hand, I believed that the shop could have a social function that could not be emulated online. Indeed our Countdown to Gentrification series of events in the old store before we were kicked out seemed to confirm that there was still life in that approach.

Also in the months without a shop in late 2018 and early 2019 it became evident that the loss of income, as little as it was, was not being made up by increased online sales. Finally, with a crowdfunding campaign under way, we got a surge of support for the new shop project which seemed to show that there was a broad desire in our small scene to keep a physical meeting point/outlet afloat.

Nevertheless the first months were a bumpy ride. The money from the fundraiser was mostly used up by the renovation and after an initial rush of the first couple of weeks, sales plummeted for the next two months. Our in-store shows, however, proved popular with the audience, not so much with the neighbours … In the summer and autumn the situation seemed to stabilise a bit, fueling optimism that, perhaps, the concept could work out.

I cannot speak for the other two parties under the Disconnect umbrella, nor is it up to me to define their vision of a retail shop and gallery. I can only speak for the Praxis section of it. This vision has been formed from experiences of radical shops selling music and/or literature, both as someone who was influenced by and involved in such projects for decades. Of all places, Berlin would surely be the city where a place combining underground culture and radical politics could be sustainably run, but different factors have put this into question – factors that will need more space to be analysed.

I wish I could be more up-beat for our first anniversary. Instead, the current Corona lockdown forced us to close the physical shop for the time being. At the time of writing it is completely unclear how long this lockdown will continue and what consequences the almost certain economic depression will have on countercultural projects such as ours. If we survive, it will depend on the support of a range of independent, undogmatic, non-aligned, critical, anti-authoritarian, experimental, radical forces.

Our online shop remains open:
Digital files are available here:
Datacide Magazine is online here:
Disconnect Store Berlin blog:

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Christoph Fringeli @ Tilos Radio, Budapest 2019

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CRi set from instore gig 07/12/2019 posted on Praxis Mixcloud

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Prole Sector: One Space (Remix by Dead Noise System)

The Praxis digital remix series opened with the Prole Sector track One Space from the 2014 EP Praxis 52 (also available on bandcamp) given the remix treatment by Dead Noise System. Released July 7, 2019.

Review from GHz Tokyo:

ブレイクコアのパイオニアであるDJ Scudの変名プロジェクト「Prole Sector」が2014年にPraxisからリリースしたダブステップ・チューンをDNSこと「Dead Noise System」がリミックス!


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Sansculotte Video for Signal Cutoff Inflammation from The Wirebug’s Factory Food (Praxis 57)

Amazing new video work by sansculotte for The Wirebug: Signal Cutoff Inflammation on Factory Food (Praxis 57)

Praxis Youtube Channel

Sansculotte Vimeo Channel

Buy the record from the Praxis Online Shop

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