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  • Praxis Newsletter

Xanax Medication Online, Alprazolam Powder Buy

Now added to the Praxis YouTube channel: the second release in the praxis_digital series from 2016 by Noirodyn, titled Eyes of Ages.

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Found another review of Total Destruction (and Bodysnatcher) in the archives. I only have a bad quality photocopy, hence the re-type. If someone happens to have the issue and could send a good quality scan of the review page would be much appreciated!

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DJ Scud & Christoph Fringeli
Bodysnatcher AMBUSH06 12”
Scud & Nomex
Total Destruction MBAU02 7”

As producers, DJs, theorists and fanzine editors, DJ Scud and Christoph Fringeli are the real breakbeat extremists. Harder, faster, louder than anything else around, the Bodysnatcher 12” and “Total Destruction” embody art as collision and rhythm as punishment. Emerging from the free party scene where pure visceral noise seems to be appreciated more than anywhere else, these records have moments of feedback whiteout that border on Boyd Rice territory, but are constructed with a sense of rhythm and an awareness of texture – something like Masami Akita in an Afro and hot pants. The Bodysnatcher EP makes any pretence of Ed Rush and Optical as hard men seem laughable, while “Total Destruction” sounds like a Sam Peckinpah film breaking out at a reggae dancehall. When the US Army wanted to get Noriega out of his bunker, this is what they should have played.

Peter Shapiro, The Wire #177, November 1998 in his “critical beats” column.

In issue #188, October 1999, there’s another brief mention: ‘Scud & Nomex’s awesome “Total Destruction” was last year’s best single’!

Of course Total Destruction has recently been repressed on the Maschinenbau EP (Praxis 56) which you can (and should) buy Xanax Bars 2Mg Buy, or Buy Xanax Strips.

A short snippet is here:

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Scud & Nomex
Maschinenbau EP
Praxis 56

cut at Finyltweek by Shane
330 copies pressed at Optimal
Official release date 08-10-2018

Maschinenbau was a label run by DJ Scud from Ambush and Nomex from Adverse which released only two 7”s in 1997/98. The first, Eurostar/Piling Machine, was limited to just 300 copies. It combined psychogeographical exploration and field recordings with Amiga-produced non-conformist breakcore and noise-abuse, while the second one, Total Destruction, became a classic of breakcore / noise crossover with several appearances on compilations such as Collision Drive on PIAS (compiled by Kevin Martin, aka The Bug), but nevertheless fell into relative obscurity – like most of the great early breakcore – during the following decade. Listening back, one can only be astounded by the raw energy and urgency of these tracks.

Twenty years after the original 7”s, Praxis is proudly releasing a 12” with all four original tracks in
October 2018 with the catalogue number Praxis 56.

‘Ambush meets Adverse to proliferate and diversify into Maschinenbau. On Eurostar the concrete sound source of a high speed train engine is cut up to provide bass sears, rumbles of re-harnessed energy and grainy Doppler-effects. These dense timbres are set into further movement by tinny breakcore rhythms and quicksand sucks to create a vertigo of sound quality and a collage of propulsions. If this track blows out the ‘the battle of the bass sound’ at the same time that it is distantly ironic then Pilling Machine does the same for the hardcore 4/4 kick by making a construction site mobile and ever relocatable. Waves of noise, a kitsch refrain and a voice sample move in and out of the ever more insistent pacing, waging a guerrilla struggle in defiance of the irrovocable tyranny of the 4/4. Rhythms make light aural tonnage.’
Flint Michigan in Datacide 3.

‘Scud’s best union of post-industrial scuzz, bionic steppers’ riddims and rootical reggae was his mind-boggling collaboration with Nomex, “Total Destruction” (1998) on the Maschinenbau label. With a ragga DJ gleefully singing , “Total destruction, the only solution” in the face of searing whiteouts of white noise and escape velocity “Amen” drum shrapnel, “Total Destruction” sounded like a Sam Peckinpah film breaking out in a Kingston dancehall.’
Peter Shapiro in Drum’n’Bass – The Rough Guide

Paul Kidd aka Nomex was a noise musician and video artist. He ran the label Adverse and released a 12” on Praxis titled Trocante Gramofony in 1998 (Liquid Alprazolam Online). Formerly based in Croydon and London, he moved to New Zealand in the early 2000s where he continued his noise research. He died in a motorcycle accident in 2014.
A section of the Buy Alprazolam Online With Mastercard is dedicated to him.
Toby Reynolds aka Scud is a DJ and producer who was a co-founder of Ambush, the seminal breakcore label based in South London in 1996. He also co-ran the Transparent label with Isound and collaborated with Panacea under the name The Redeemer on Position Chrome. Currently based in Cape Town, he produces (Buy Gador Alprazolam) and Where To Buy Alprazolam Online under the name Prole Sector.

Npdrugs Cheap Xanax Online
Discount Xanax Online

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Low Entropy
Released 01-09-2018 on bandcamp.
Artwork by Lynx

Following his amazing 12″ Cheap Overnight Xanax, there was talk of an album or double 12″ as a follow up. Somehow this never happened… until now. The original tracks – produced around 2002 – are finally released on praxis_digital!

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Buy Xanax Spain

Praxis and Yaya23 are forced to close our shop after nearly 6 and 15 (!) years respectively. The juggernaut of gentrification is pummeling the last remaining autonomous holdouts in Berlin-Friedrichshain‘s Ostkreuz area.

Rising rents and new commercial and residential developments have already caused major shifts in the local population.
In our case these changes affect and severely curtail the possibilities of operating the paradoxical project that our shop is. Over the years we‘ve strived to create a meeting point and outlet for different types of experimental electronic and dance music, subversive ideas, networks, and self-published cultural creations.

Of course both projects will continue and with them the numerous connected projects like record labels, print creations, event organisation and sound system.

While we are now looking for new headquarters, we are still open at Lenbachstraße 9 until the end of September. The Where Can I Buy Alprazolam Cod series will take place at the shop August 31, from 7-10 pm.

UPDATE: The Cheap Xanax Overnight Delivery is taking place September 29th!

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Originally released via the Praxis Bandcamp on July 1st. 2018

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Praxis 20
20 Years of Praxis
Fantastic mega-mix of over 50 tracks from the first 20 years of the label’s history by Darkmatter Soundsystem DJ’s Diskore, Fiend and Baseck available both as a cassette tape and a free download (with donation option) from our bandcamp site.
An intense rapid fire tour-de-force through the Praxis catalogue in three chunks with a total of over 50 tracks.
Finally the second run of the tape is available now!

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Bourbonese Qualk’s classic album Autonomia – originally released in 1993 on CD –  appears for the first time on vinyl on January 15, 2018. Double vinyl in fluorescent orange camo sleeve.

Buying Xanax In Thailand

Bourbonese Qualk was formed by Simon Crab in 1979/80. The first performance was an odd non-musical appearance (‘mainly vandalism’). After several cassette releases and the addition of band members, the first vinyl album Laughing Afternoon appeared in 1983 and marked the beginning of a fascinating journey between different musical genres and styles. Always managing to elude mainstream attention and acceptance, while occasionally puncturing the screen of ignorance of the independent press and ‘scene’, Bourbonese Qualk have created a substantial body of work and maintained a compromise-free slate. After half a dozen albums, they had developed a small cult following, though remained hidden behind a curtain of obscurity for most.

Most of their albums were released on their own labels: Recloose Organisation and New International Recordings respectively, and their tours were also organised in the spirit of fierce, autonomous self-organisation.

It seems only logical that Praxis would join forces with Qualk and start experimenting, synthesising musical non-conformism with radical post-situationist ideas. Thus Autonomia became their intervention into what was then a burgeoning counter-position to the musical media establishment… TECHNO!?
An unsuspected alliance in the struggle against spectacular givens of the culture industry.

Autonomia, first released only on CD in 1993, was mostly a solo project of Simon Crab with the aid of Christoph Fringeli of Praxis, recorded after a 2-month tour in the USA and Europe. Typically Bourbonese Qualk, this album delivers the opposite of the listeners’ expectations, breaking the mold set by the two previous albums, My Government is My Soul and Unpop. Autonomia sets out in a completely different direction of harsh electronic ‘no compromise techno’. This album divided Qualk’s fan base, created violent debate and polarised press reviews.

The Bourbonese Qualk project was terminated after the death of band member Miles Miles, but founder and front man Simon Crab continues to experiment and develop his sound, with a tour scheduled to taking place in the winter of 2017/2018 with old comrades Nocturnal Emissions.

In recent years there has been renewed interest in BoQu, as exemplified by the compilation album released by Mannequin records in 2015. This is an official compilation of the group’s work from 1983-1986, covering the albums Laughing Afternoon, Hope, Preparing for Power, The Spike and Bourbonese Qualk.
In 2016, a 4-LP box set appeared on Vinyl On Demand with countless tracks either previously unpublished or only available on the most obscure cassette releases.

Praxis is happy to present the first vinyl edition of Autonomia in the winter of 2017/2018 to coincide with the 25th anniversary of the label.

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