Praxis Shop/Storage open Thursday afternoons during May 2023 and beyond.

Updated 27-05-2023

NEW: In addition to the possibility to pick up your online orders by appointment, our shop/storage location was open to the public on Thursdays throughout May 2023 from 4-7pm, when you were welcome to stop by without an appointment. This was taking place May 11 / 18 [the 18th was a public holiday]/ 25 and was a bit of a test whether we’ll make it a regular feature.

Please make sure you have an account in our online shop – we also recommend to place an order ahead of time, so they can be prepared for pick up, but space & time allowing, you’ll be able to browse and listen to records as well (the location is very small!)

Update: Even though this was only a small test which we didn’t even promote on social media, to be honest simply because the shop space isn’t quite ready yet, the decision was taken to definitely continue the experiment later in June, and plan to continue throughout the warmer months. The next open days will be: June 22 and 29, July dates will be announced soon. We’re grateful for feedback. One of the questions: Is Thursday a good day of the week for this?

See you there!

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Base Force One: The Point of No Return (Nihil Fist Remix)

Artist: Base Force One
Remix: Nihil Fist
Title: The Point of No Return
Label: Praxis
Series: Praxis Digital Remix Series
Catalog Number: PraxisX4
Release Date: 01-05-2023

Out May 1st, 2023 – Nihil Fist remix of Base Force One’s The Point of No Return from the 1997 EP Welcome to Violence (Praxis 27). Number 4 in the Praxis Digital Remix Series.

Written and produced by Christoph Fringeli. Remixed by Nihil Fist.

Mastered by Alex Buess and Nihil Fist.

Exclusively available on the Praxis and Nihil Fist Bandcamp pages.

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Re:Focus @ Lauschangriff 04-05-2023

re:focus #12 takes place 04-05-2023 in Berlin

The line-up:

  • linxi
  • Invitriol
  • Pro-Vocation
  • Bombhead
  • Zombieflesheater
  • Christoph Fringeli

(note that we had some last minute cancellations due to illness and changes in the line up)

See you there 🙂

Rigaer Straße 103
10247 Berlin

Doors open 8.30pm, sets start at 9pm. Until 2am+
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Spring Sale in the Praxis Online Store until End of April 2023

We just started a big spring clearance sale in the Praxis online shop – get 23% off on ALL physical items until the end of April: … find more infos on the landing page of the shop – check it out (and tell your friends)!

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Video about the relaunch of Skin & Speech Records on YouTube

Skin and Speech Records was originally founded in the mid-80s by Alex Buess as an outlet for some self produced cassette tapes, amongst them the first Melx recorded live at the legendary Alte Stadtgärtnerei occupied social center in Basel in 1987.

After recording and producing numerous releases on Vision in the late 80s and early 90s and countless projects beyond that since then, he is re-launching the Skin and Speech label now. Following the first vinyl edition of the 1994 16-17 album Gyatso in collaboration with Praxis in 2021, a number of new releases are in the pipeline. Find more about those in the video, which also provides some background and history, produced by Big Rogers.

Original Skin & Speech catalog from the 1980s
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Check out our YouTube Channel (and subscribe)!

Check out our YouTube channel @NoisePolitics for

– The Molehill Report, our monthly short video newsletter/magazine

– exclusive full length interviews

– videos of live performances

– video versions of datacide articles and book reviews

– music videos and trailers

– audio uploads of praxis and sub/version releases

– DJ sets, mixes and live sets

… and many more topics concerned with Noise & Politics in the past, present and future!


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re:focus @ Lauschangriff 06-04-2023

re:focus #11 takes place 06-04-2023 in Berlin

The line-up:

  • Christoph Fringeli
  • Re:Not
  • Cate Hops
  • Crash 0.1
  • linxi

Experimental electronics – breakcore – cut-up – noise

See you there 🙂

Rigaer Straße 103
10247 Berlin

Doors open 8.30pm, sets start at 9pm. Until 2am+
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sansculotte Full Interview online now

The full interview with sansculotte is online on our Noise & Politics YouTube channel now

Sansculotte is a collective working in Berlin with graphic design, programming, animation, music and audio-visual media.

Since moving to Berlin from Graz, Austria in 2000 they have been involved in the breakcore scene with their work as graphic designers, VJs and organisers for Clash of the Titans and Praxis/Datacide events as well as producing music videos for The Wirebug and others.

Finally the full interview, conducted by Linxi and CF in the summer of 2022 and announced in The Molehill Report #8 is online now on our Noise & Politics YouTube channel.

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THE MOLEHILL REPORT #11 feat. Joke Lanz; One year Molehill Report

Welcome to the 11th edition of THE MOLEHILL REPORT

A monthly video newsletter covering activities and perspectives from Praxis Records, Datacide Magazine, Molehill Publishing and other associated projects, presented by Christoph Fringeli.

January 2023: Our guest this month is Joke Lanz, aka Sudden Infant. In a prelude to the full interview, we follow his journey from punk to noise to actionism, celebrate the first birthday of The Molehill Report, and look at what’s in store for February 2023 on the channel.

Link to the full interview:    • Full Interview wi…  

Also online now is a 2018 spoken word performance by Joke Lanz at a Datacide event at Vetomat, Berlin:    • Joke Lanz – Spoke…  

Music: DJ Jackal: Drumtrax Pt. 5 (Praxis 9)

Sudden Infant: Live Joke Lanz/Sudden Infant: https://suddeninfant.com

Praxis/Datacide: Praxis web site:

Praxis Bandcamp (digital sales):

Praxis Soundcloud (tracks, albums, playlists, releases – 268 tracks and growing at the time of publishing this video)

Datacide – The Magazine for Noise & Politics The Molehill Report #11 was produced in January 2023 in Berlin by CF and Lynxy at the Psychic Defence studio.

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re:focus @ Lauschangriff 02-03-2023

re:focus #10 takes place March 2nd, 2023

The line-up:

  • CRynxLi
  • redHat
  • Munsha
  • Dr. Nexus
  • Dan Hekate aka The Wirebug

Experimental electronics – breakcore – cut-up – noise

See you there 🙂

Rigaer Straße 103
10247 Berlin

Doors open 8.30pm, sets start at 9pm. Until 2am+

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