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Found another review of Total Destruction (and Bodysnatcher) in the archives. I only have a bad quality photocopy, hence the re-type. If someone happens to have the issue and could send a good quality scan of the review page would be much appreciated! DJ Scud & Christoph Fringeli Bodysnatcher AMBUSH06 12” Scud & Nomex Total […]

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Maschinenbau EP (Praxis 56) by Scud & Nomex Scud & Nomex Maschinenbau EP Praxis 56 cut at Finyltweek by Shane 330 copies pressed at Optimal Official release date 08-10-2018 Maschinenbau was a label run by DJ Scud from Ambush and Nomex from Adverse which released only two 7”s in 1997/98. The first, Eurostar/Piling Machine, was limited […]

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20 Years of Praxis (Praxis 20) by Praxis Praxis 20 20 Years of Praxis Fantastic mega-mix of over 50 tracks from the first 20 years of the label’s history by Darkmatter Soundsystem DJ’s Diskore, Fiend and Baseck available both as a cassette tape and a free download (with donation option) from our bandcamp site. An […]

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Bourbonese Qualk’s classic album Autonomia – originally released in 1993 on CD –  appears for the first time on vinyl on January 15, 2018. Double vinyl in fluorescent orange camo sleeve. BUY HERE Bourbonese Qualk was formed by Simon Crab in 1979/80. The first performance was an odd non-musical appearance (‘mainly vandalism’). After several cassette […]

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25 years ago today, on November 30, 1992 – it was a Monday – the first 12″ on Praxis was officially released. Of course there had been activities leading up to this date. I had moved to London at the end of 1991 and decided in the following months to discontinue my previous label Vision […]

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Last week of November and first week of December 1992, the first two releases on Praxis appeared. A quarter of a century later the label still exists, an anomaly in the fast moving world of electronic music. To celebrate we are planning a series of events – and new releases. And we are [were] posting […]

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Reserve the date! Saturday August 26 25 Years Praxis Party in Berlin Køpi – Köpenicker Strasse 137 – Berlin We celebrate 25 years of Praxis Records, 20 years of Datacide Magazine and also 20 years of Sub/Version Records. Datacide/ Praxis Soli with: PSYCHIC DEFENCE PROLE SECTOR ZOMBIEFLESHEATER DJKA LUCHS (LYNX!) AMBOSS PURE MANIA EGON FRINZ […]

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For those who like to listen to their music on YouTube we just added Praxis 1 – Scaremonger EP to the Praxis Youtube channel. More info, download link, press clippings in our discography:

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