Praxis Vinyl Fundraiser 2024 – UPDATE!

Praxis Vinyl Fundraiser 2024 Update May 2024

In February we started a Gofundme campaign to raise money for pressing a number of Praxis records which had piled up over the preceding months and years and couldn’t be realised due to lack of funds.

We’ve been running this under the title “Should the next Praxis Releases be on Vinyl?”

In my text about the fundraiser I hoped to hint at the fact that without some sort of cash injection we’re simply not able to release any vinyl at this point in time. Squeezed between rising prices and lower sales, the question was not meant to be taken completely literally, but whether you would support us in the pursuit of realising (some of these) projects.

I also suggested to vote for which record(s) you would like to see on vinyl.

Every €10 donation would count as one vote.

Seven records are/were up for vote, one of which is (projected to be) a triple 12” with a printed sleeve. Ironically the triple album (featuring unreleased material by various Praxis artists originally recorded between 1993 and the early 2000s) is the one that has received the most votes.

This is the current vote tally:

1. Praxis 15 – 3×12” compilation

2. Praxis 60 – Nomex: Paroxism EP

3. Praxis 46 – Anonymous Series Vol.3

4. Praxis 62 – Nihil Fist 7”

5. Praxis 57X – The Wirebug: Factory Food Remixes

What’s next?

This puts us into a dilemma, because the overall amount we manged to raise so far is not enough to start production of a triple album.

But since the influx of donations has at least temporarily died down, we decided on the following course of action:

– in order to get things moving on the vinyl front, we’ll start the process with the number 2 in our charts, the posthumous Nomex album. We can now guarantee that this release is doable. We still need to raise more funds to be able to pay for the whole manufacturing, so we’ll start a pre-sale for it right now: You can now pre-order HERE

– In May and June we’ll give the Gofundme fundraiser another push. We’re still dedicated to get the first 4 records on the list out on vinyl, besides the Nomex this will be the Praxis 15, 46 and the Nihil Fist record. The strategy will again be that as soon as enough funds come together to be able to reasonably guarantee the actual release, we can start a presale.

– As the remaining Praxis 57X, 61 and Sub/Version 015 are way behind in the tally, we’ll first move on the Wirebug Remixes to come out as a digital release.

Praxis 57X – Factory Food Remixed – to be released via bandcamp June 1, 2024

So I’m happy to say The Wirebug ‘Factory Food Remixed’ with interpretations by [MONRHEA], Killabomb, Kovert, Psychic Defence and an extended mix by The Wirebug himself will come out digitally via our Bandcamp as well as streaming services on June 1st.

I’m a bit sad it won’t be on vinyl, but we’ll see how things go!

Praxis 61 – fully produced and in theory ready for release – may not come out due to other circumstances. Sub/Version 015 finally – planned as a release to wrapping up/updating/possibly ending the Sub/Version project – is/was still in the early stages and may be shelved or else released digitally as well in the future.


So the good news is: there is movement! There will be at least one record!

Please consider helping us speed up the process, either by

– contributing to the Gofundme campaign. I know it may be much to ask for, because you don’t exactly receive anything in return – at least not immediately. All you get is that the label exists and continues to put out great music… and any amount helps us get the ball rolling again!




– pre-order the Nomex record and/or watch out for other releases reach the preorder stage! Like this you help us secure the second part of the pre-financing of the manufacturing costs.




– consider taking out a Super-Subscription. This is the most value-for-money option where you pay €100 for 120 euros worth of records, magazines, books, downloads, shirts etc from Praxis, Datacide, Sub/Version, Molehill and more. This subscription is highly customisable (you only want music-related products and only the shirts you really like – no problem! You only want printed material and music downloads – no problem! Etc. You can even include back catalogue items, and you get 10% off (almost) all items in the Praxis Online shop on top! For full details check out the link below:




Thanks for your support!!

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