Heist: Dystrophic EP

Dystrophic EP
Praxis 11

1000 copies.

1995 brought a very strong batch of releases that tapped into the new industrial hardcore sound and developed it further, and Heist’s Dystrophic EP has a special place in this. The Neuroviolence remix of Corridors and Blista present a brutal, relentless and bleak hardcore sound that still kept the rave qualities to whip a dancefloor into a dark euphoria. The melancholic darkness of Homage is reminiscent of early Mover ca. Final Sickness. Dimensionally or Hierarchy? closes the EP with another minimal broken track made with sounds analogically created on an MS-20 and then digitally sequenced. Undisputedly a classic record of the period.

The original mix of Corridors was later released on Zero Tolerance Records, Heist’s own label.

Skreem Issue 12:

TNT Teknozine no 15 (Paris, April 1995)

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