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How To Xanax Online, Buying Xanax In Buenos Aires

Most of the readers of this blog will know the site How To Purchase Alprazolam Online which is a user generated online discography and marketplace. Users can also database their collections and add records they are searching to their want lists.
Spending a boring sunday evening at the record shop/bar I decided to make some charts, going through the numbers of releases listed in discogs collections and want lists. Note that these are not the actual numbers of records pressed and/or sold, but merely what discogs users list in their collections. Roughly it seems that about 10-25% of originally pressed records are listed in collections.
The first two lists are compiling the numbers in the collections, the first combining all formats (vinyl, CD, files) in the case of releases which were released in different formats. In the second chart the different formats are split. It’s notable that all titles in this top ten are vinyl releases.
The third list are what people are listing in their want lists….

Praxis records in discogs collections:
(1) formats combined
1. Somatic Responses: Post Organic EP (Praxis 18)
2. Hecate: The Magick Of Female Ejaculation (Praxis 35 + Praxis 35CD)
3. Slaughter Politics (Praxis 21)
4. Base Force One: Welcome To Violence (Praxis 27)
5. Hecate: Hate Cats (Praxis 32)
6. ADCSomatic: Teatrodellopera EP (Praxis 41)
7. Hecate: Ascension Chamber (Praxis 40 + Praxis 40CD)
8. Low Entropy: Anarcho-Psychotic (Praxis 36)
9. Kovert: Shock Effect (Praxis 34)
10. Heist: Dystrophic (Praxis 11)

(2) formats separated
1. Somatic Responses: Post Organic EP (Praxis 18)
2. Slaughter Politics (Praxis 21)
3. Hecate: The Magick Of Female Ejaculation (Praxis 35)
4. Base Force One: Welcome To Violence (Praxis 27)
5. Hecate: Hate Cats (Praxis 32)
6. ADCSomatic: Teatrodellopera EP (Praxis 41)
7. Low Entropy: Anarcho-Psychotic (Praxis 36)
8. Kovert: Shock Effect (Praxis 34)
9. Heist: Dystrophic (Praxis 11)
10. Noface: Burnout (Praxis 6)

Most wanted:
1. Disciples of Belial: Songs of Praise (Praxis 7)
2. Disciples of Belial: Goat of Mendes (Praxis 17)
3. V/A: Dead By Dawn (Praxis 23)
4. Heist: Dystrophic (Praxis 11)
5. Somatic Responses (Praxis 18)
6. Lorenz Attractor (Praxis 13)
7. Metatron: Speed & Politics (Praxis 4)
8. DJ Jackal: Drumtrax Vol. 1 (Praxis 9)
8. Cunning vs. Bambule (Praxis 19)
10. Metatron: Seduction (Praxis 8 )

you can check out the praxis page at Buying Xanax In Australia

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