Christoph Fringeli & DJ Pure: Anti-Christ (Sub/Version 002)

Sub/Version 002
Christoph Fringeli & DJ Pure

A: Anti-Christ
B: A.C.
Cut at Toolhouse
One pressing of 800 (if I remember right) 1998

“The Praxis / Pure partnership continues in the degenerate party mode with Subversion 002: Antichrist. This samples from the 1984 classic Nature Unveiled album which was built around a nihilist / atheist interpretation of Lautréamont’s “Maldoror” – itself a hugely influential polemic rooted in a twisting and twisted logic of shipwreck fascination, the brutality of nature and the dynamic of evil. The ‘antichrist’ sample comes heavily distorted, darkened and looped – the record adds a break and there you go. The music conjures the passage about christ forming into the body of a charging rhinoceros (a pure and good side to techstep?) only to be brought down and suffer gradual annihilation through the spirit of evil.” (Review by Autotoxicity, 1998)

“This is absolutely dangerous. Two mixes of probably the hardest sick step, combining tough stepping drums – given a metallic reverb to the beats on one mix – with some awesome evil frequency abuse and drones.” (Review by Kovert in datacide four, 1998)

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