Bourbonese Qualk: Kneejerk Reaction (Praxis 2)

Praxis 2
Bourbonese Qualk
Kneejerk Reaction EP
Praxis 2 – Bourbonese Qualk – Knee-Jerk Reaction EP on Soundcloud

Recorded in the summer 1992, this was actually the first Praxis record to be “officially” released. This happened in the last week of November, one week before Scaremonger was released. This was more a decision of the distributor, S.R.D., who thought it would be better to launch the label with the release of a more well known act.

Both releases had been on white label for a few months.

In the case of Praxis 2 the white label and the finished release are actually two different cuts. The reason for this is that the B2 track was jumping on some turntables, so I decided to recut it, which was done by Simon at The Exchange.

This release and the next as well as the following album Autonomia (Praxis 5) represent the relatively short “techno” period of Bourbonese Qualk. Qualk was at that point Simon Crab solo and I guess infected a bit by my enthusiasm for the new noisy techno styles.

N.I.R. Studio was the squat in Malt Street where in a short street which was squatted in its entirety Simon and his family had two small houses, one of which they lived in, the other served as rehearsal space and studio. Soon the ground floor became Praxis HQ.

You can find a blog post by Transpontine about this corner here.

Original label info (1993)
This is their first ever 12″ single after going strong in the european electronic underground for a long time with countless multimedia live performances all over western and eastern europe, and more recently the united states. 4 brilliant tracks, slightly acidic with a definite hardcore/industrial feel, and a trancy slow chillout track at the end. take control now!

‘acidic stomping and heavy dance music for the headstrong. search again.’ (Technohead in DJ)
‘…predominantly monochrome acid trance – but like if Hannibal Lecter had got hold of a 303…’ (Echoes)
#…success etched in every groove. It explodes into life in a ruthlessly efficient manner proving that B.Q. are true masters of a beast of a machine. Totally wired up to the forces of fury… unyielding, eclectic and bursting with tension … this band is still thrusting forwards, carving a niche with one fuckin’ metallic head opener of a 12″ blade. World domination beckons.’ (Chris B. in Music from the Empty Quarter, march ’93)


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