Scaremonger: Soon We All Will Have Special Names (Praxis 1X)

Praxis 1X
Scaremonger Remixes (Lagowski/Ubik, Bourbonese Qualk, DJ NoDoz)

Praxis 1x consists of remixes of the A1 track from the Scaremonger EP (Praxis 1), the A-side was a collaboration of Andrew Lagowski and Dave Ubik. This became a bit of a “club hit” and was featured on the “Eurobeat 2000 Club Classics album on Kickin Records alongside such “techno anthems” as Dave Clarke’s Red 2, Amphetamine by Thomas Heckmann, Sprung aus den Wolken by DJ Hell etc.

The other side are two more remixes of the same track, a hypnotic rework by Bourbonese Qualk, and a dry minimal acid mix by DJ NoDoz.

This was also released as a DJ Promo with the same labels as with Praxis 3,4,6 and 8.

The official release was some time in spring 1993.
The DJ Promo pressings with the orange camo labels were usually 250 copies, finished release (probably) 1000.

Label info from 1993:
‘3 completely different remixes of the “Soon we all will have Special Names” track from the Scaremonger EP, all considerably faster, some arguably madder, and definitely kickass! The Lagowski/Dave Ubik remix has a hard grooving industrial feel, the Bourbonese Qualk remix will blow your mind all over the place, and the NoDoz remix does what too much caffeine does to you…’

And the press said:
‘Bourbonese Qualk hit a nasty cruise missile rotor vamp which sometimes reminds me of Suicide. DJ NoDoz opts for deranged acid babbling and bee-abuse. Lagowski and Ubik collide for a reverbarating, sinisterly embellished speed-march. Fierce label.’ (Echoes)
‘Lagowski/Ubik mix seems to be favorite, being well scary, like driving at pretty high speed through a ghost train pusued by the hihat/handclap monster from planet blip. Gonna have to buy this one now aren’t you!’ (Technohead in DJ Magazine)

SoundCloud player with all tracks from Praxis 1X
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