Scaremonger: Scaremonger EP

Praxis 1
Scaremonger EP

Recorded towards the end of 1991, these were mixed down in Basel by Alex Buess and cut at some point in the summer of 1992. There was a white label pre-release of, if my memory serves me, 300 copies. It seems ironic that a completely unknown label could press 300 copies on white label from a even more obscure artist and distribute them, and then press 700 (as was the case with this release) of the “official release” and get rid of them quite quickly, and 20 years later, the same label has to struggle to shift 300 copies of a new release. Different times.

The Scaremonger EP was written strongly under the influence of the new tekno scene that was exploding all around at the time. A kind of sonic geological shift was happening, and records from producers like Underground Resistance, Mescalinum United or The Hypnotist definitely influenced this, but at the same time it wasn’t made to emulate their work, but to transgress it…

The original label info said: ‘Hard rhythmic electronics with layers of noises and eclectic sampling will please the headstrong and outrage the fearsome. 4 tracks: “soon we all will have special names”, “is there someone inside you”, “random” & “adios motherfucker”.’

‘Ferocious stomping circuit abuse with squelchy electronic nightmares building in berserk layers’ (Kris Needs in Echoes, where the Scaremonger EP was also number 1 in the Techno charts!)
‘…four slabs of mountainous sounds reaching new peaks in sonic collision. Masses of twisted samples colliding with pummeling repetitive beats, producing an instantly impressive noise and a short sharp shock to the thinking listeners cerebral core. Hardcore in the house, in the pace, in your area – there’s no escape from the devastating well rounded first release on the newly formed Praxis label. A winner.’ (Chris B. in The Empty Quarter)


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