Metatron: Speed And Politics EP (Praxis 4)

Praxis 4
Speed & Politics EP

Metatron: Speed & Politics EP

DJ Promo release: 250

General release 1993: 1000

Repress 1997: 250

Cut by Nilz at The Exchange

Metatron for me marked a huge step from Scaremonger which appeared only less than a year earlier. Speed and Politics absorbed the rapid changes of what hardcore techno was at the time and sythesized and extended the possibilities of radical dancefloor music. “Men Who Hate the Law” was a pounding affirmation of juvenile delinquency – or as Roger Gilbert-Lecomte (Le Grand Jeu) put it: “First phase of the revolt – Metaphysical agony: Negate everything and feel nothing but the abyss”. But of course this would only be the first phase: A preparation for the “invisible insurrection of a million minds”.

In “State of Emergency” The Intensifier struck with searing acid, “The Art of Disappearence” a deviant vision of hardcore gave some space to broken elements, colliding inspirations from Baudrillard and the Situationist Constant (“New Urbanist”) pointing to… “The Future”…

Review and charts from ECHOES magazine 27 November 1993 by Kris Needs in his NEEDS MUSTS column, in this issue subtitled ‘Kris Needs recommends spitting, squitting and spurting’ (!)

He also reviewed other smashing tracks in this issue like the Sulphurex EP and Difficult Child on Magnetic North (funny enough assuming Difficult Child being a pseudonym of Dave Clarke)

Metatron: Speed and Politics on YouTube
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