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Out today is the first in a new series of remixes – the track One Space by Prole Sector from his 2014 N1 EP (Praxis 52) gets the remix treatment by Dead Noise System. Now available via our bandcamp. One Space Remix by Dead Noise System (PraxisX1) by Prole Sector

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Now added to the Praxis YouTube channel: the second release in the praxis_digital series from 2016 by Noirodyn, titled Eyes of Ages.

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Psyborg (praxis_digital_00100) by Noirodyn

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Bourbonese Qualk’s classic album Autonomia – originally released in 1993 on CD –  appears for the first time on vinyl on January 15, 2018. Double vinyl in fluorescent orange camo sleeve. BUY HERE Bourbonese Qualk was formed by Simon Crab in 1979/80. The first performance was an odd non-musical appearance (‘mainly vandalism’). After several cassette […]

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New addition to the Praxis Youtube channel: Praxis 51 – Noize Creator: The Future is Cancelled

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  Praxis 55 “SKIN CRAFT” – RIND & NOL Works by Alex Buess & Daniel Buess rearranged by CORTEX Two powerful compositions on vinyl LP with cover art by Darkam and layout by Lynx. RIND is a work using three large self-built cow skin frame drums, 1 horse skin container drum, metal plates and electronics […]

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Praxis will start selling exclusively on our own online shop for a trial period of six months, suspending our presence on other platforms. Our aim is to improve presentation and service through our own shop where we can sell the whole range of records, books, CDs, magazines, merch, coffee, etc. Not having to attend to […]

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Fresh from the pressing plant! 300 copies, exclusive distribution by Praxis Official release date: March 29 from today and until then only available from the praxis shop in Berlin! LOW 027 – Adjust – Titan Remixes – 12” Vinyl In an era where paltry software remixes are a thinly veiled attempt to retread played material […]

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A full length CD album by Noirodyn, aka Vile Enginez. OUT NOVEMBER 2nd – pre-orders taken now and shipped Oct. 27/28! special pre-order price until Oct. 31st – EUR 10.00, afterwards EUR 13.00 Fernando Narvàez Perez has so far mainly made his mark under his Vile Enginez monicker with a debut on Zhark International from […]

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