16-17: Gyatso

Praxis 59 / Skin & Speech 001
Artist: 16-17
Title: Gyatso

vinyl release planned for mid/late February 2021

Originally released in 1994 on Pathological, Kevin Martin’s label who also produced the record. CD only.
2008 re-released on Savageland, also on CD.

Remastered by Alex Buess in 2020
Vinyl cut by Shane the Cutter at Finyltweek.

Gyatso originally appeared on Kevin Martin’s Pathological label in 1994 as a CD and was rereleased, again on CD, in 2008 by Savageland.
Praxis, in collaboration with Skin & Speech proudly presents the first vinyl edition of this classic album.
The vinyl edition contains 6 tracks and includes the download for the full 13 track album.
During the presale period only, an additional 3 tracks recorded live at Taktlos 1995 are available. These can be downloaded already during the presale period and will disappear once the album is properly released on or around February 15.

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