Should the Next Praxis Releases by on Vinyl?

Vinyl has been the essential format for our releases in the past.

But how does that fit in the current musical landscape?

While we also publish digital-only releases, we still see the value of publishing as physical hard copy. Take a look at the list of releases we have in the pipeline below and let us know what you think.

If you agree, please make a donation, and please let us know which record(s) you would like to see in a physical vinyl format, by writing a public “supporter message” on Gofundme, or send us a DM/email.




Praxis is a record label dedicated to experimental hardcore and radical breaks and other forms of challenging electronic music and noise. Founded in 1992 by Christoph Fringeli in London, Praxis is now based in Berlin, where we also run the Praxis online shop and distribution.

We have released about 60 vinyl records on Praxis proper and about the same number on sub- or associated labels, amongst them many classics and gems of the hardcore, breakcore, speedcore, experimental broken beat and noise genres.

A number of factors, such as

  • generally slumping record sales in the harsher underground dance music over the last decade or even longer
  • gentrification forcing us to close our shop with its cheap rent at Berlin Ostkreuz in 2018
  • the effects of the Covid pandemic
  • and finally steeply rising prices in the record and print industry, both in manufacturing and shipping, as well as the general crisis and inflation

have led to a situation where our vinyl productions have basically ground to a halt in 2022/23.

But we have a number of exciting releases, some already mastered, all waiting to see the light of day. On vinyl if possible.

  • Praxis 57X – Factory Food Remixed. The title track of The Wirebug’s 2019 album Factory Food gets the remix treatment by [MONRHEA], Killabomb, Kovert, Psychic Defence and The Wirebug himself. Production status: Pre-master done and ready to go into production. Funding status: None.
  • Praxis 60 – Nomex: Paroxysm. Ever since his 1999 release Trocante Gramofony EP (Praxis 33), there had been talk about doing a follow up and around 2010 Nomex indeed worked on an album for Praxis, the material for which was finished, but not compiled at the time of his death. We compiled it as close as possible to what we think his intentions would have been and as to be expected it’s a killer noise album! Production status: Pre-master done and ready to go into production. Funding status: None.
  • Praxis 61 – V***** A******* EP. Currently under negotiation, update will be posted soon. This title may be replaced by a different one during this campaign. Pre-master done and ready to go into production. Funding status: None.
  • Praxis 62 – Nihil Fist. As yet untitled. Brand new material by the master of relentless political speedcore noise. Production status: Tracks are being compiled and we’re about to decide whether to make it a 7″ or a 12″, with two or four tracks. Funding status: Partially funded.
  • Praxis 15 – A compilation of previously unreleased material from ca. 1993-2003, which was originally planned as a triple vinyl album to celebrate the 15th birthday of Praxis in 2007. After not being able to release the ambitious project at the time, it was put on ice. But the material is just too good to remain in limbo. Help us to get it our this time round! We will share more details about this in the near future. Production status: Being partially re-compiled. Most tracks chosen and graphics for cover already exist. Funding status: none.
  • Praxis 46 – Praxis Anonymous Series Volume 3. The Praxis Anonymous Series was conceived as a 3-part series with cutting edge radical electronics, challenging the orientation towards the “artist genius” with a selection of tracks chosen for their quality and not for their marketability – in the format of anonymity. Volumes 1 and 2 appeared on vinyl in 2008 and 2011, Volume 3 was put on ice in the middle of the decade and is now being re-compiled.
  • Sub/Version 015. Sub/Version was the sister label to Praxis for hard drum’n’bass, darkstep and epic breakcore, always with an ear out for the bass and an eye out for the dancefloor. 14 vinyl releases appeared between 1997 and 2009, and 10 digital releases from 2010-2012. We would like to wrap up the project with a “hindsight” EP of four Sub/Version artists looking at what danceable bass heavy and hard rave would sound like now.
  • Digital“. You feel vinyl is over or not for you, and we should just release everything in digital format – but still want to support our work with a donation? Write “digital” as your choice.

Now it’s TIME TO VOTE!

When donating at least 10 Euro, please write the catalog number of the release you want to support in the comments!

Every 10 Euro donation counts as one vote. So if you donate 30 euros you could conceivably give one vote to 3 different records etc.

We will keep tallying up the votes and give progress reports as soon as it makes sense, at the latest when enough donations have accumulated to realise at least one of the projects.

Initially we set the funding goal at EUR 4000. This amount would roughly translate into realising two of the releases or in the case of Praxis 15 of one. Depending on which releases “win” out, the goal will be adjusted/raised accordingly.

Now let’s go!



CURRENT VOTE TALLY – last updated 04-03-2024, 21:22

  • 1. Praxis 60 – Nomex
  • 2. Praxis 46 – Praxis Anonymous Series Vol. 1
  • 3. Praxis 62 – Nihil Fist
  • 3. Praxis 15 – compilation
  • 5. Praxis 57X – Factory Food Remixed





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