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Audiodrome Boosted Edition 31-03-2012

31-03-12 Sanne’s Industrial hardcore breakcore B-DAY!!!!!! from 20p.m. warm up at Cagliostro LeNbachstr. 10 f’shain from 23.59 Audiodrome party at Kili (wiesenweg 5-9) Performance by HIPSICK UNUSUAL THEATRE (Holland) The audience can’t find words to express this experience, but their facial expressions are obvious. An exceptional spectacle for true fans of the art of expression. […]

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2012 – 20 years Praxis – new web site – new records!

In the summer of 1992, in a squat in North Peckham, just off the Old Kent Road, Praxis was born and at the end of November this year it will be 20 years since the first two records were released, Praxis 1 by Scaremonger, and Praxis 2 by Bourbonese Qualk. Now, in the spring of […]

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Against Petrification (Praxis Newsletter 12, 1997)

AGAINST PETRIFICATION. With the collapse of the old world order in WWI not only the social and political order changed but also music: The Futurists declared the noise of the machines, the noise of the cities to be music, the urban young dancing the Charleston. Ever since then the cutting edge of sound, both conceptually […]

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Break the Circle (Praxis Newsletter 7, 1995)

BREAK THE CIRCLE. Things have come full circle – after just under a decade. Like it’s supposed to be, isn’t it – the second half of a decade dawns and the new style emerges slowly, to gain momentum until the end of the decade, then to be commercialised, but at the same time spawning new […]

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In Search of the True Electricity (and more from Praxis Newsletter 3, 1994)

IN SEARCH OF THE TRUE ELECTRICITY. HARD/SOFT We didn’t say ‘hard music is good’ and ‘soft music is bad’; this is not the problem. The question is with what intention, motivation, attitude this music is made. Techno is about innovation as much as about intensity. If something is underground or overground isn’t necessarily determined by […]

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NoiseAngriff5 – Wednesday March 21


  Round 5! Hetzer (clash of the titans) Invitriol ( Base Force One (live) (praxis rec.) t3kamin (a_sound) starting 21h!!! It is meant to be an “early” night (by Berlin standards), meaning that we will go till one or two and then it will depend on the audience, the bar staff as well as ourselves […]

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