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Second and final print run of Praxis shirts available now!

A few days ago we printed a second (and the last) batch of “Nothing Essential Happens in the Absence of Noise” Praxis shirts and hoodies after realising that we hadn’t printed enough of some sizes, plus we added sizes not available in the first run: Men S shirts, Women M hoodies and Men XL hoodies. […]

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Praxis Shop @ YaYa23 in Berlin – New Opening Hours

Since already a couple of weeks the old YAYA23 Shop in Berlin Ostkreuz has new opening times, crew and material. From Thursday to Saturday, 2pm-8pm, you can now find new records, clothes and posters by Praxis ( ) , Berzerk ( ) , YaYa23/Cyberrise and Digital Junk. The rest of the week as […]

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New Praxis stickers Mk.2

After distributing all our previous stickers we decided to do another one, this time in A7 format. For some reason this proved more difficult than expected. Rather than looking like this (as they should have) they looked like this: the black looked kinda very dark navy blue, the red more like red-ish orange… After complaining […]

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NoiseAngriff#26 – Wednesday March 20th

Exploring and breaking the Rhombicuboctahedron…. Researchers: Meier und Erdmann – live (alphacute/moniker eggplant) Analogue Instruments and electronic music collages in symbiosys, exploring the possibilities of both. The duo just released their second vinyl: The Toxic Scythe 7″ , a cooperation between alphacute and Moniker Eggplant. Get your copy at NoiseAngriff this night! Evil Trust […]

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NoiseAngriff#25 – Greetings from Dr. Hofmann – Wednesday March 6th

Noiseangriff25 – Greetings from Dr.Hofmann A very special night this time. Noiseangriff proudly presents: Jere ( Vinyl Terror and Horror ( Yann H ( S-MK Resident Djs: Crash 0.1, fgnugn Visuals: Open*Cluster (Aikia vs Lain) — This night is dedicated to Ludo — ——————————————————————– starting 9pm!!! It is meant to be an “early” night (by […]

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