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Vision was a label project that I founded in 1986 and finished in 1992. The publications of Vision were not limited to cassettes and records but also included printed materials and visuals. These – fanzines, posters, t-shirts – like the recordings, received catalogue numbers. Vision 1 was a zine and appeared in November 1986. While […]

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Praxis 55 Ales Buess & Daniel Buess “Skin Craft” – RIND & NOL MLP – 2016 "Skin Craft" – RIND & NOL (Praxis 55) by Alex Buess & Daniel Buess Two powerful compositions by Alex Buess and Daniel Buess, rearranged by Cortex. RIND is a work using three large self-built cow skin frame drums, 1 […]

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  Praxis 55 “SKIN CRAFT” – RIND & NOL Works by Alex Buess & Daniel Buess rearranged by CORTEX Two powerful compositions on vinyl LP with cover art by Darkam and layout by Lynx. RIND is a work using three large self-built cow skin frame drums, 1 horse skin container drum, metal plates and electronics […]

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A Tribute to Daniel Buess Record release of “Skin Craft” – RIND/NOL – works by Alex Buess and Daniel Buess Präsentiert von Ensemble Phœnix und Klappfon Freitag 10. Juni + Samstag 11. Juni Doors: 20:00 CHF 18.- / 15.- (pro Abend, nur Abendkasse) ___ PROGRAMM FREITAG 20:30 – Ensemble Phœnix Basel Francisco Meirino: «Epidemic» (2016 […]

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Daniel Buess is dead. My personal friend and musical collaborator disappeared on February 7 in his hometown of Basel, Switzerland in the early morning after a night of partying. After more than a month, an agonising period for his life partner, Eli, as well as for his friends and family, his body was found in […]

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Praxis 48 Cortex Vacuum Theory 12″ – 2011 Vacuum Theory (Praxis 48) by Cortex A momentous, heavy, noisy and radical release by former 16-17 members Alex Buess and Daniel Buess. CORTEX appeared in 1998 out of Alex and Daniel Buess musical collaborations. They were both musicians of the legendary free-noise-core combo 16-17 and also worked […]

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Praxis 31 16-17 Mechanophobia 12″ – 1999 Mechanophobia (Praxis 31) by 16-17 700 copies. 16-17 started in 1983 in Basel, Switzerland as a three-piece “industrial punk jazz” outfit with Alex Buess, Markus Kneubühler and Knut Remond. They released a number of cassettes, before debuting with their self titled album in 1987. Two years later this […]

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Praxis 1 Scaremonger EP 1992 Scaremonger EP (Praxis 1) by Scaremonger Recorded towards the end of 1991, these were mixed down in Basel by Alex Buess and cut at some point in the summer of 1992. There was a white label pre-release of, if my memory serves me, 300 copies. It seems ironic that a […]

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CORTEX and Christoph Fringeli will play at this weeks JOLT festival in Basel, Switzerland: CONCERTS at GARE DU NORD Gare Du Nord: Schwarzwaldallee 200, CH-4058 Basel. DONNERSTAG (THURSDAY) 10.NOVEMBER 20.00 The BOLT Ensemble play James Hullick 20.50 Jonas Kocher / Gaudenz Badrutt 22.00 Herpes Ö Deluxe 23.00 Sean Baxter / Adam Simmons 24.00 carthage FREITAG […]

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After reading somewhere in a short review that Cortex were “newcomers to the scene” I compiled the currently available titles of either Alex Buess or Daniel Buess on the frontpage of the Praxis online shop. Granted the new Praxis release is the first under the Cortex name (although the project exists since 1998), but especially […]

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