The Molehill Report #12 – Dan Hekate Interview; Skin & Speech; Controlled Weirdness; Stewart Home

The Molehill Report #12 is online now

Welcome to the episode 12 of THE MOLEHILL REPORT

A monthly video newsletter covering activities and perspectives from Praxis Records, Datacide Magazine, Molehill Publishing and other associated projects, presented by Christoph Fringeli.

We took a little break in the spring and summer, but now we’re back with monthly shows.

August 2023:

We present excerpts of an interview with Dan Hekate aka The Wirebug, there are two recent releases in the Praxis Digital Remix Series, Alex Buess has relaunched Skin & Speech Recordings, Controlled Weirdness presents his new podcast “Tales from a Disappearing City”, Stewart Home has a new book out and Sozialistischer Plattenbau has re-issued Kovert’s Hybrid Riddim.

Watch the full interview with Dan Hekate here: (Link will be posted shortly – the video will go online in the coming week)

Music: Base Force One: The Point of No Return (Remix by Nihil Fist) , PraxisX4

Base Force One: Welcome to Violence (Remix by Alex Buess), PraxisX5 Available now on bandcamp:

Kovert: Hybrid Riddim (Dubcore Volume 5), Sozialistischer Plattenbau, SPB7013

YouTube Links:

Dan Hekate

Controlled Weirdness on clubbing and warehouse parties in London in the 80s and in New York.



The Molehill Report #12 was produced in March-August 2023 in Berlin by CF and Linxi at the Psychic Defence studio.

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