Cortex: Beware of the Arm of Flesh

Cortex: Beware of the Arm of Flesh [praxis_01000, 2022]

Cortex was founded in 1999 by Alex and Daniel Buess. Various projects form part of the Cortex biography: radio productions for Radio DRS, various appearances at festivals (including Taktlos, Tonart, Lucerne Festival) and collaborations, among others. with the Romanian composer Iancu Dumitrescu and his ensemble Hyperion. Dumitrescu wrote the work “Bolids & Contemplations” for Cortex and Ensemble in 2002, which Cortex premiered in Bucharest.

Cortex’s music is symphonic, multi-layered, both mechanical and organic. It belongs to the large, still relatively unexplored area of contemporary electronics. Important components are live electronic strategies, studio productions for film music and also sound design. Cortexs music also includes sound visions from break-core, drum & bass, dub and other so-called “new electronics”.

For the live show at the Jolt Festival in Basel on 11-11-2011 Cortex teamed up with Damian Bennett on bass and with Australian body and performance artist Stelarc, creating a unique constellation documented on this album and also on the live video

Here are all seven tracks which contain versions of The Machinic Phylum and Usu (from Praxis 48) and Mechanophobia and Pyrexia (from Praxis 31 by 16-17), as well as the three ‘Beware’ tracks.

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