Praxis Records Sales Charts 2020 – Physical and Digital

An overview over the retail sales through our various channels in the year 2020. Physical products include vinyl, print, cassettes, CDs etc sold via the Praxis Online Shop, the physical Praxis Shop @ Disconnect Store Berlin, seller PRAXISRECORDS on discogs, and physical sales via the Praxis Bandcamp. In contrast to the monthly charts we publish in our shop blog, the charts here do not include wholesale/B2B sales.

These records (and magazines) sold the most copies in our stores in 2020

Digital sales (below) are the digital sales on our bandcamp page.

The order of the first 7 on the physical sales chart turned out to be an extremely close race, with the sales in the physical shop tipping the balance in favour of the most recent issue of Datacide. The most sales of Inferno to Zero were in the Praxis Online Shop, while Slaughter Politics did best on Bandcamp. Sales on discogs are much more evenly distributed with no clear “winners” (and the platform doesn’t allow for sales of print items).

Physical (Print, Vinyl, Cassette)

  1. Datacide Eighteen (Datacide 18)
  2. Nihil Fist: Inferno to Zero (Cathartic Noise Experience X-016)
  3. Slaughter Politics (Praxis 21 re-press 2020 on red vinyl)
  4. Nihil Fist: Audio Death (Independent Bloc 36, Bloc-02)
  5. Xylocaine: Succulent (Terrornoize Industry TNI25)
  6. 16-17: The Pandemic Wargames Remixes (Praxis 58)
  7. Jack Lucifer: King of the Dead (Terrornoize Industry TNI26)
  8. DJ Task: Interpretation des Leidens (Flash Fingers Berlin FFBLN02)
  9. Datacide Seventeen
  10. Messias: Dystopia Transcendence (Cathartic Noise Experience X-017)

Close runners-up: The Wirebug (Praxis 57), TNIADV#03


  1. Slaughter Politics (Praxis 21)
  2. DJ Scud: Strong Back/Heavy Duty (Sub/Version 009)
  3. The Wirebug: Factory Food (Praxis 57)
  4. Nomex & Scud: Maschinenbau EP (Praxis 56)
  5. Bourbonese Qualk: Autonomia (Praxis 5)
  6. 16-17: The Pandemic Wargames Remixes (Praxis 58)
  7. Base Force One: Expenditure of Excess Energy (Still Raven 003)
  8. DJ Jackal: Drumtrax (Praxis 9)
  9. Base Force One: Welcome to Violence (Praxis 27)
  10. Eiterherd: !984 vs. 1999 Vision vs. Reality (Praxis 30/Widerstand LP1)

On a side note: digital sales only account for less than 3% of total turnover(!)

Our sales channels:

Praxis Online Shop / Discogs / Bandcamp / Booklooker / Datacide

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