Noize Creator: Who I Am (Tactical Time Weapon Mix By Noirodyn)

Artist: Noize Creator
Remix: Noirodyn
Title: Who I Am
Label: Praxis
Series: Praxis Digital Remix Series
Catalog Number: PraxisX2
Release Date: 11-02-202

Noize Creator: Who I Am (Tactical Time Weapon Mix by Noirodyn, PraxisX2, 2021).
Relaunching the Praxis Digital Remix Series, Noirodyn is back with a remix of Noize Creator’s ‘Who I Am’ from ‘The Future Is Cancelled’ 12″(Praxis 51, 2013). Reminiscent of the hard drum’n’bass meets breakcore style of his releases on Sub/Version (under the monicker Vile Enginez) this is an epic interpretation of Noize Creator’s harsh breakcore work.

Now exclusively avaiable via the praxis bandcamp (link above)

You can also stream for free on SoundCloud and YouTube:

Soundcloud player for PraxisX2
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