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Heist: Dystrophic EP

Heist: Dystrophic EP Praxis 11 1000 copies. 1995 brought a very strong batch of releases that tapped into the new industrial hardcore sound and developed it further, and Heist’s Dystrophic EP has a special place in this. The Neuroviolence remix of Corridors and Blista present a brutal, relentless and bleak hardcore sound that still kept […]

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DJ Jackal: Drumtrax

Drumtrax (Praxis 9) by DJ Jackal DJ Jackal: Drumtrax First pressing on random-coloured vinyl with no label: 1994 – 500 copies.Second pressing on black vinyl with label: ca. 1997 – 500 copies. DJ Jackal was a multiple name concept, meaning that different producers could use the name, so it became a collective entity and as […]

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Noface: Burnout EP (Praxis 6)

Praxis 6NofaceBurnout EP1994 DJ Promo edition – 250 copies Regular release – 1000+ 1997 repress (b/w labels) – 250-500 I remember about 1800 were pressed of this, but can’t remember exactly which edition was pressed more. I reckon it was the 1997 repress. All the tracks were written in the last week of 1993 in […]

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Metatron: Seduction EP (Praxis 8)

Seduction (Praxis 8) by Metatron Recorded in the autumn of 1993 and released in March 1994, this was the second release done under the name Metatron. Originally announced as: “6 tracks based around the same set of sounds & the same speed from hard banging assault to weird experiments in a half tempo groove, to […]

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Break the Circle (Praxis Newsletter 7, 1995)

BREAK THE CIRCLE. Things have come full circle – after just under a decade. Like it’s supposed to be, isn’t it – the second half of a decade dawns and the new style emerges slowly, to gain momentum until the end of the decade, then to be commercialised, but at the same time spawning new […]

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