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Last week of November and first week of December 1992, the first two releases on Praxis appeared. A quarter of a century later the label still exists, an anomaly in the fast moving world of electronic music. To celebrate we are planning a series of events – and new releases. And we are [were] posting […]

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Heist: Dystrophic EP Praxis 11 1000 copies. 1995 brought a very strong batch of releases that tapped into the new industrial hardcore sound and developed it further, and Heist’s Dystrophic EP has a special place in this. The Neuroviolence remix of Corridors and Blista present a brutal, relentless and bleak hardcore sound that still kept […]

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Praxis 13 Lorenz Attractor: Strange Attractor EP 1000 copies pressed. This record was a departure from the hardcore oriented sound of its immediate predecessors, combining noise elements, electro and a strong influence from the ‘Sound of Rome’. Credited at the time to Amilcar dos Santos and Jip, it was a collaboration of Jason Mendonca and […]

Posted in Xanax Online Uk, How To Purchase Alprazolam Online | Also tagged Buy Brand Name Xanax Bars, Buying Xanax In Buenos Aires | Where Can I Buy Alprazolam Cod