DJ Jackal: Drumtrax

DJ Jackal: Drumtrax

First pressing on random-coloured vinyl with no label: 1994 – 500 copies.
Second pressing on black vinyl with label: ca. 1997 – 500 copies.

DJ Jackal was a multiple name concept, meaning that different producers could use the name, so it became a collective entity and as such an antithesis to the bourgeois cult of the individual artist-genius.
Attributions to individual artists treating ‘DJ Jackal’ as an ‘alias’ (for example on discogs) are misplaced and miss the point.

Musically it combined hardcore techno, acidcore and experimental broken beats.

Review in TNT #11 (Paris, December 1994)

Translation: What we hear here is not motivated by the spirit of fame and careerism, nor by the quickly consumed energy of youth. This English music is carried by the firm conviction that a force will win, whatever the deadline. So let’s clean up our ears a little from the glitz, shimmer and bluster that define so much vanity driven productions. The label Explore Toi comes to mind, because of the same determination not to take sound beyond the human orb, which is so vast if you immerse yourself in it passionately and sincerely, and lead the machine along the criss-crossing, confidential paths of being-in-becoming-more-just. In the crackling shadow of this secret music, listen to it as it unfolds, recharging your batteries with this infinite patience, moving, modest and yet so intimate.

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