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YaYa23 records invites all audiophile navigators for a winter days jamming night on friday 22nd of february with an international line up. ᴿᴼᴼᴹ 1: YaYa23 Floor : ⚙ fgnugn _ // soundscaping drone noize //_ dj ⚙ Control Delete _ (Secret Sessions//ATNT) dj ⚙ ENKO (v.i.e.s. / obs.cur)_ live ⚙ I.N.D. _ (hangar […]

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Party in Budapest at Fészek Kulturális Központ! Fb event

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Our new series of talks, discussions and presentations brought to you by Datacide and next:now is going into its fourth round on January 14th, 2019 with a talk about Revolution and Counterrevolution in Germany 1919 and beyond, by Christoph Fringeli. As always at Vétomat, Wühlischstr. 42, 10245 Berlin Doors open 7pm, talk will start 8.30 […]

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The new series of talks, discussions and presentations brought to you by Datacide and next:now is going into its third round on January 4th, 2019. As always at Vétomat, Wühlischstr. 42, 10245 Berlin Doors open 7pm 8pm Round table discussion: Subculture and Economy in the age of Gentrification, Spotify and Amazon. With Jan Herold (Yaya23), […]

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°°DA VENERDÌ NOTTE A SABATO POMERIGGIO —-16 ORE NO STOP—- organizzeremo un party stile “KITKAT” berlinese, dal tema savanico, esotico e bestiale, in cui ci sarà la piena libertà di esprimere sensualità ed erotismo°° La location sarà un night club di amici, che per l’occasione sarà riservato a MALAFEMME & FRIENDS… immaginatevi una casa tutta […]

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The second in a new series of talk and discussion events hosted by Datacide and next:now at Vétomat Berlin. Datacide presents Talk, performance, discussion With Joke Lanz and Christoph Fringeli 17-12-2018 At Vétomat, Wühlischstr. 42, 10245 Berlin Doors open 7pm 8pm Christoph Fringeli: The Situationist International as World Cultural Heritage. A critique of the historicisation […]

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Found another review of Total Destruction (and Bodysnatcher) in the archives. I only have a bad quality photocopy, hence the re-type. If someone happens to have the issue and could send a good quality scan of the review page would be much appreciated! DJ Scud & Christoph Fringeli Bodysnatcher AMBUSH06 12” Scud & Nomex Total […]

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Sophie and Julian are fucking off on a new deathtrip to foreign sands We’ll be back but not for a while Come celebrate us leaving Our new address is 23 Spain street Sintra A night of extreme noise and breakcore by people we love KNIFELOOP Broken signals. Incoherent meanderings. Lucky mistakes. JD ZAZIE Corrupted […]

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Yaya23 floor: fire at work – stirpe 999 – live eMeL – koncept kore / dosis decibel mg677 – hangar rec. – live Egon Frinz – cagiostro, next:now Nir Mint & re:not – atnt – live Mirage – cyberrise NoiseBegriff! floor: Christoph Fringeli Cri Zombieflesheater & more TBC

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