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Final Countdown to Gentrification at OstX PART I … Last instore show at ostkreuz…the juggernaut is approaching… The end of an era, the beginning of a new one! Noise, Flash, Break, Bass, Core as well as Drinks, Music, Books! 29.09.2018 FREE EVENT – Strictly only from 7-10pm Praxis Records & Books/Yaya23 Lenbachstrasse 9 10245 Berlin

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an evening of the hardest hardcore, acid, breakcore, and experimental techno on the west coast. Cryptatropa Bar, Olympia WA Featuring: Base Force One – aka. Christoph Fringeli – Praxis Records Berlin Breakcore and industrial hardcore project by CF starting in 1997 with the Welcome to Violence 12“ on Praxis with a live set of […]

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25 years of Praxis Praxis was founded as a label for experimental hard dance music in 1992 in London. From its beginnings in hardcore techno it quickly expanded into the territories of breakcore, soundscapes, noise and bass music, never leaving behind the experimental elements. Artists include Bourbonese Qualk, Metatron, Somatic Responses, Base Force One, Nomex, […]

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Live: Walter Gross (dirtyhusbandbeater) Psychic Defence (praxisinpaaren) Stormtrap (ghettoblaster) Levni (troubeats) E/V: Totaler Krieg im Spaziergang (beeatszinggravhund) Selekt: Kolonel Blip (tropikalfantazy) Junktion (hardeklektselekt)   26 May 2017 XB_Liebig Liebigstr. 34 starts 9pm FACEBOOK EVENT

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The Barricade and the Dancefloor Base Force One (Live/DJ, Berlin) Psychic Defence (Live, Berlin) Lynx (DJ, USA) Joss Crooks (DJ, Prague) A-Trash (DJ, Prague) The Messiah (DJ, Prague) Prague Anarchist Bookfair presents its official afterparty – the night of radical electronics. From hard electro through acid techno to breakcore, the various backgrounds of the performers […]

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The Vinyl Resistance festival in Monza took place March 3-5, and paynomindtous just uploaded video clips of all the performances of the first night, including Methackus, Pablito el Drito, DJ Balli, Lynx, Psychic Defence, Base Force One,  and A034. It was a great night!

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– Dance like noone is watching, encrypt like everyone is! – TransCyberien est une série de soirées club, noise, queer et geek friendly, avec des workshops futuristes, crypto ou militants + de la musique expérimentale et à danser. ◊ 18h → 21h00 Workshops ◊ 21h00 → 07h00 Concerts ◊ Entrée à prix libre, prix conseillé […]

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VENERDI 3 MARZO APERTURA ORE 19 ingresso 5 euro VINYL ZONE / STAND, BANCHETTI,ASCOLTI, ESPOSIZIONI DELLE ETICHETTE PARTECIPANTI GOOD VEGAN FOOD ORE 21 MAKE MUSIK FREE incontro / dibattito aperto Le scene underground e DIY vivono oggi una fase di grande crescita grazie ai nuovi media digitali, che annullando le distanze fra gli elementi della […]

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First ever Psychic Defence (Lynx & Christoph Fringeli) Live show! Anachronism fragmentiert: Anachronie. am Samstag, 18.02.17 auf der MS Stubnitz: Fragmenteteppiche und Teppichfragmente Nicht immer schön, aber laut :Rhô :Scheich in China :Psychic Defence :Moljebka Pvlse :David Wallraf :¡X :Basic Banalities :Ulli Bomans & Josephine Mielke :Unprofessional :Teenage Tasteless :Rikashpur :Dr. Nexus :Die Einstürzenden Neubauten […]

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