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Praxis Documentary ‘Nothing Essential Happens in the Absence of Noise’ showing at Easterndaze festival 08-10-2016

Nothing Essential Happens in the Absence of Noise UK/GER 2015 Dir: Silvia Biagioni 24 min Guests: Silvia Biagioni, Christoph Fringeli (Praxis Records) Showing at Lichtblick Kino, Kastanienallee 77, Berlin-Prenzlauer berg Saturday, October 8th, 8pm Since 1992 Praxis Records – a record label founded in London by Christoph Fringeli and currently based in Berlin – and […]

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Praxis related events at Easterndaze Festival Berlin Oct.3 and Oct.8

Two events related to Praxis are taking place in the framework of the Easterndaze Festival: October 3rd Praxis presents Christoph de Babalon, WIDT, a collaboration of the two, plus Christoph Fringeli vinyl + laptop set silent green Kulturquartier Gerichtstraße 35, 13347 Berlin, Germany Doors open 7pm, music starts at 8pm, till midnight. More info: Praxis […]

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Eastern Daze – Praxis presents Christoph de Babalon, WIDT @ Silent Green Berlin 3-10-2016

Silent Green Kulturquartier – Gerichtstrasse 35 – 13347 Berlin-Wedding DOOR: 7pm, START: 8pm SHARP! Christoph de Babalon WIDT + special collaboration Christoph Fringeli (DJ) The closing night of the concert series of Easterndaze × Berlin (October 3) is devoted to a collaboration with Christoph de Babalon (Berlin) and WIDT (Warsaw). De Babalon is a legend […]

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Hekate 20th Anniversary @ Apiary Studios, London Sept.24/25

Saturday September 24: Musicians Circuit Parallele The Reverend Delinquent( Marc Hekate Murphy) Dan Hekate Dybbuk(Luke Hekate) Broken Doll (Gaetane Hekate) Cybele Reset Christoph Fringeli Nurgle les Trolls(Benjamin Rivet) Skaface(David Cecil) VJs Stormfield(Stromfeld S Slewdem) Jude Greenaway Sansculotte(Sanjii Sansculotte and Ulrich Znork) Hyper VJ(Nor Hypervj) And slide projection from Tom Projekt https://www.facebook.com/events/1720218478233052/ Scrapyard Soliloquies,the sunday concert for […]

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No!seBegr!ff @ Vetomat Berlin 30-03-2016

Wer A sagt muss auch B sagen: NoᴉseBegrᴉff – Occasional Assaults #1 Strategies of interference, aural interventions, anti-spectacular ruses, musical deprogramming, sonic deconditioning: Towards a definition of noise. No exercise of power, no representation, no social silence produced by the repetitive machine: With noise is born disorder and its opposite – the world. Breakcore – […]

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Event Name – Rauch-Haus Berlin 13-02-2016

Hard to digest Ears to be pierced Stomacks to tremble Eyes to be flashed! brought you by Brain Pussyfication and GhettoGI Saturday 13th of february at Rauchhaus Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/572533692903025/ Live sets by: 2/5BZ (audiovizeurpoliticutuppercut) https://soundcloud.com/2-5bz Zombieflesheater (earsmasherkorewithbrokensamples) https://soundcloud.com/zombieflesheater DJ DIE SOON (horrormusiconrice) https://soundcloud.com/djdiesoon N.Y.L.O.N (kutkopipasta) [nolink] RUHE (endüstrideströyer) https://hure.bandcamp.com/ BEEATSZ v2.03 (terrørattack) https://brainpussyfication.bandcamp.com/track/phallocentric-cunts UNPROFESSIONAL (teknocorpus) https://soundcloud.com/unprofessional […]

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Praxis & Datacide in Budapest 22/23-01-2016

THIS FRIDAY @ ShowBarlang Radical Suburban Folkmusic DAVOR!A! Base Force One (Praxis, Datacide, Berlin) Lynx (Praxis, Datacide, Portland Oregon) Telesport Thalium R2D2 Log:n BARLANG Almond Lama Isu Zefyr Kontrast Brnwrx Maks Also tune into Davoria show on https://tilos.hu/ from 3am. Next day we meet Christoph Fringeli, the editor of Datacide Magazine, and founder of Praxis […]

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Sadly it looks like this will be the last NoiseAngriff at Lauschangriff, the venue where it took place since its inception in January 2012. This is due to issues concerning noise complaints with one or more residents of the house Rigaerstrasse 103 which go back several years and have nothing to do with NoiseAngriff directly. […]

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C_P_P prezentuje // C_P_P presents (eng below) HARDCORE ACTION mit PRAXIS // 8.11.2k14@CRK/WRO/PL Kolejna odsłona naszego party, w nowym sezonie imprezowym. Tym razem zagrają dla Was producenci z legendarnej wytwórni Praxis z Berlina. Ufundowana w 92 roku, konsekwentnie promuje eksperymentalną i brudną elektronikę, jaką kochamy. Do zobaczenia na CRK. Na razie info po angielsku, pod […]

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Broken Windscreen @ Simulacra Studio, London 17-10-2014

  An Audio Visual concert featuring live performances by Christoph Fringelii(Praxis) and Sansculotte. LSD room Cybele Reset and Oddscene Dybbuk and Filippo The Reverend The Loop- a short multi media play- by Nick Ronin, Dan Hekate, Bang Crosby. 2100-0200 This is a seated event with a quadrophonic sound system, giant screen and a series of one off performances not […]

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