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Last week of November and first week of December 1992, the first two releases on Praxis appeared. A quarter of a century later the label still exists, an anomaly in the fast moving world of electronic music. To celebrate we are planning a series of events – and new releases. And we are [were] posting […]

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V/A:Dead By DawnPraxis 23 Dead By Dawn was a series of 23 parties organised by Praxis, TechNet and the Nomex Realist Film Unit in the 121 Center in Brixton, South London from February 1994 until April 1996.The 121 Center was a squatted anarchist center in Railton Road which existed from 1981 to 1999.The nights usually […]

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Praxis 14 Deadly Buda: Morph Beat One 1000 copies pressed We met DJ Deadly Buda from Pittsburgh on the Bourbonese Qualk tour in 1993 and had stayed in touch ever since. Buda came over to play at VFM and Dead By Dawn, and this record was released soon after. Buda went on to run his […]

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Paraphysical Cybertronics (Praxis 10CD) by Various Artists The second CD after Bourbonese Qualk’s Autonomia album on Praxis was the compilation titled Paraphysical Cybertronics Volume One – The Experiments of Bloor Schleppy. This extended the reach of the label to different levels of experimental electronic music. Obviously the idea was to turn it into a series […]

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