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Last week of November and first week of December 1992, the first two releases on Praxis appeared. A quarter of a century later the label still exists, an anomaly in the fast moving world of electronic music. To celebrate we are planning a series of events – and new releases. And we are [were] posting […]

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Slaughter Politics (Praxis 21) by Slaughter Politics Slaughter Politics Praxis 21 Written and produced by Christoph Fringeli in 1997, released 1999. First pressing – 1000 Second pressing (with only the contact info changed, but the same masters used) – 500 (From the Praxis Website 1999:) Praxis 21 titled Slaughter Politics – this is a compilation […]

Posted in Xanax Online Uk, How To Purchase Alprazolam Online | Also tagged Buy Brand Name Xanax Bars, Bluelight Xanax Online, Xanax Brand Online | Order Xanax Pills