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Nomex [Artist Profile]

Nomex was the pseudonym of noise musician and film maker Paul Kidd (1967-2014) who ran his own label Adverse from 1996-99 and contributed to the Praxis cataogue, both solo and with DJ Scud on the Maschinenbau EP.
His post-humous release Paroxism EP is scheduled for release on Praxis in autumn 2024.

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Praxis Vinyl Fundraiser 2024 – UPDATE!

Here’s an Update for our Praxis Vinyl Fundraiser started in February. We started a Gofundme campaign to raise money for pressing a number of Praxis records which had piled up over the preceding months and years and couldn’t be realised due to lack of funds. We’ve been running this under the title “Should the next […]

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Limited re-press of Praxis 33 – Nomex: Trocante Gramofony E.P. out now!

Originally released in 1999, Trocante Gramofony E.P. by Nomex is re-pressed in a limited edition of 100 copies on black vinyl from the original plates. Trocante Gramofony opens with the monumental ‘Fire Is The Centre’, followed by two other Nomex masterpieces, ‘Life Destroy’ and ‘No-Step 2000’, as well as three speaker-destroying fragments and locked grooves. […]

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DJ Scud: Ambush & Maschinenbau, Interview Resonance#1 (1997)

An interview with DJ Scud about Ambush & Maschinenbau in the first issue of the French zine Resonance (1997) ! You are involved in Ambush and now in the new label you founded with Adverse: Maschinenbau. Can you present us these 2 labels & the persons who are behind? I do Ambush in partnership with […]

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Review by Peter Shapiro of Ambush 06 and Maschinenbau 02 in THE WIRE 1998

Found another review of Total Destruction (and Bodysnatcher) in the archives. I only have a bad quality photocopy, hence the re-type. If someone happens to have the issue and could send a good quality scan of the review page would be much appreciated! DJ Scud & Christoph Fringeli Bodysnatcher AMBUSH06 12” Scud & Nomex Total […]

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Scud & Nomex: Maschinenbau EP

Maschinenbau EP (Praxis 56) by Scud & Nomex Scud & NomexMaschinenbau EPPraxis 56 cut at Finyltweek by Shane330 copies pressed at OptimalOfficial release date 08-10-2018 Maschinenbau was a label run by DJ Scud from Ambush and Nomex from Adverse which released only two 7”s in 1997/98. The first, Eurostar/Piling Machine, was limited to just 300 copies. […]

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Praxis 25th Anniversary on Soundcloud: One track a day

Last week of November and first week of December 1992, the first two releases on Praxis appeared. A quarter of a century later the label still exists, an anomaly in the fast moving world of electronic music. To celebrate we are planning a series of events – and new releases. And we are [were] posting […]

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Nomex: Trocante Gramofony E.P.

Praxis 33NomexTrocante Gramofony E.P.12″ – 1999 Trocante Gramofony E.P. (Praxis 33) by Nomex Mastered by Shane at Tape2Tape (later Finyltweek), 500 copies in late 1999. 100 copies re-press on black vinyl released May 10, 2021. The A-side is a long version of Fire is the Centre, while the B-side consists in the incisive Life Destroy, […]

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Slaughter Politics

Slaughter Politics (Praxis 21) by Slaughter Politics Slaughter PoliticsPraxis 21 Written and produced in 1997 and released 1999 for the first time, Slaughter Politics collects two solo tracks by Christoph Fringeli and one track each co-written by Nomex (B1) and The Invisible S.P. (B2) respectively. In a way the follow up to Base Force One’s […]

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Datacide & Cagliostro present Knochenbox IV Tonight

Datacide and Cagliostro present Breakcore, Broken Beats & Noise Knochenbox 14.5.2010 The forth installment of our monthly night at the Knochenbox @ Theaterkapelle, Boxhagenerstr. 99, 10245 Berlin-Friedrichshain presenting the best in breakcore, broken beats and noise in Berlin presented by Datacide magazine and Bar Cagliostro. The night will start around 11pm till around 6 or […]

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