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Praxis presents Knall!manac @ ZGK Berlin, 28-05-2016

EXPERIMENTAL HARDCORE & RADICAL BREAKS RELEASE PARTY & SOLI FOR DATACIDE 15 AND ALMANAC 2016 • PURE http://musicwithmachines.org/ • KAMPHETAMINE http://music.jasonjsnell.com/ • 2/5 BZ https://soundcloud.com/2-5bz • KARL MARX STADT https://soundcloud.com/karlmarxstadt • LYNX https://www.mixcloud.com/NOISEANGRIFF/lynx-noiseangriff-53-2714/ • AEKRE https://soundcloud.com/aekre • ZOMBIEFLESHEATER https://www.mixcloud.com/Zombieflesheater/ Experimental Hardcore • Breakcore • Industrial • Noise • Techno • More SOUNDSYSTEM BY CYBERRISE Scharni38/ZGK […]

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No!seBegr!ff @ Vetomat Berlin 30-03-2016

Wer A sagt muss auch B sagen: NoᴉseBegrᴉff – Occasional Assaults #1 Strategies of interference, aural interventions, anti-spectacular ruses, musical deprogramming, sonic deconditioning: Towards a definition of noise. No exercise of power, no representation, no social silence produced by the repetitive machine: With noise is born disorder and its opposite – the world. Breakcore – […]

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Kritik am Leben Blog

Zombieflesheater’s new blog KRITIK AM LEBEN has been online since November 2015, but deserves a special mention here for incessantly adding new links and references on a near-daily basis. Tracks, mixes and articles new and old with timely reminders of many forgotten treasures. Another welcome addition to the blog roll here after PROLE SECTOR started […]

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Event Name – Rauch-Haus Berlin 13-02-2016

Hard to digest Ears to be pierced Stomacks to tremble Eyes to be flashed! brought you by Brain Pussyfication and GhettoGI Saturday 13th of february at Rauchhaus Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/572533692903025/ Live sets by: 2/5BZ (audiovizeurpoliticutuppercut) https://soundcloud.com/2-5bz Zombieflesheater (earsmasherkorewithbrokensamples) https://soundcloud.com/zombieflesheater DJ DIE SOON (horrormusiconrice) https://soundcloud.com/djdiesoon N.Y.L.O.N (kutkopipasta) [nolink] RUHE (endüstrideströyer) https://hure.bandcamp.com/ BEEATSZ v2.03 (terrørattack) https://brainpussyfication.bandcamp.com/track/phallocentric-cunts UNPROFESSIONAL (teknocorpus) https://soundcloud.com/unprofessional […]

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Trübe Aussichten für die Bourgeoisie – 16.Mai 2015 – Berlin

Die Berliner Krise Kommt c-drik http://syrphe.com/c-drik.html messias https://laermkultur.bandcamp.com/ divtech https://soundcloud.com/divtech decide today https://decidetoday.bandcamp.com/ genus inkasso http://grindcorekaraoke.com/album/the-despised-pastora zombieflesheater https://www.mixcloud.com/Zombieflesheater/ fgnugn https://soundcloud.com/fgnugn concrete cosmos https://concretecosmos.wordpress.com/tag/concrete-cosmos/ electric kettle https://soundcloud.com/electrickettle http://datacide.c8.com/ http://praxis-records.net/ https://www.facebook.com/pagesDatacide ZGK / S 38 Scharnweberstrasse 38, 10245 Berlin This is a Soli Party which means a fundraiser for various print projects connected to Datacide, the magazine […]

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Sadly it looks like this will be the last NoiseAngriff at Lauschangriff, the venue where it took place since its inception in January 2012. This is due to issues concerning noise complaints with one or more residents of the house Rigaerstrasse 103 which go back several years and have nothing to do with NoiseAngriff directly. […]

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PRAXIS presents DATACIDE @ SUBVERSIV e.V. Berlin 06-03-2015

BREAKCORE – HARDCORE – EXPERIMENTAL – NOISE Ǥ⁄Я⁄M̴⁄ΛΛᖬ₭ http://grmmsk.tumblr.com/ https://totstellen-grmmsk.bandcamp.com/ SAXENHAMMER ( ( this set will be different from the NoiseAngriff-set on wednesday the 4.3.) https://www.mixcloud.com/SXHammer/ ARI NEV & AEKRE https://soundcloud.com/cellinfadel https://soundcloud.com/arinev VOJEET https://soundcloud.com/vojeet H-KON https://soundcloud.com/h-kon ELECTRIC KETTLE https://soundcloud.com/electrickettle LYNX https://www.mixcloud.com/NOISEANGRIFF/lynx-noiseangriff-53-2714/ ZOMBIEFLESHEATER https://www.mixcloud.com/Zombieflesheater/ NO RACISM – NO SEXISM – NO NATIONALISM http://datacide.c8.com/ http://praxis-records.net/ https://www.facebook.com/pages/Praxis-Records/206908779365486 https://www.facebook.com/pagesDatacide

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Praxis presents Datacide fundraiser @Köpi 30-08-2014!

  HARDCORE BREAKCORE EXPERIMENTAL ACID LA PESTE http://www.hangars-liquides.com/ GUNTER SAXENHAMMER http://www.mixcloud.com/SXHammer/ SYD http://www.mixcloud.com/BruitsdeFond/ COEXSYSTEMS https://soundcloud.com/coexsystems LYNX http://www.mixcloud.com/NOISEANGRIFF/lynx-noiseangriff-53-2714/ ELECTRIC KETTLE https://soundcloud.com/electrickettle ZFE http://www.mixcloud.com/Zombieflesheater/ http://praxis-records.net/ http://datacide.c8.com/ NO RACISM, NO SEXISM, NO NATIONALISM

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Stubreak Bassnitz @ MS Stubnitz Hamburg 5-7-2014

  Auf ihren Fahrten hat die MS Stubnitz viele Freunde an Bord genommen. Heute kommen sie zurück, um dem Schiff ihren Soli zu geben. Deine 5 Euro gehen an den rostigen Kahn mit dem geilen Klang. Bass schiebt sich durch die Gänge, Beats knallen an die Wände und die Maschine gibt den Takt an. So […]

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Praxis presents Datacide fundraiser @ Subversiv e.V. Berlin 14-06-2014

ISTARI LASTERFAHRER https://soundcloud.com/istari-lasterfahrer DESPER https://soundcloud.com/desper_of_slepcy H-KON https://soundcloud.com/h-kon CHRISTOPH FRINGELI https://soundcloud.com/praxisrecords ZOMBIEFLESHEATER https://soundcloud.com/zombieflesheater SANSCULOTTE_video https://vimeo.com/sansculotte http://praxis-records.net/ http://datacide.c8.com/ NO RACISM, NO SEXISM, NO NATIONALISM in the space of Subversiv e.V. Brunnenstrasse 7, Berlin-Mitte, near Rosenthaler Platz. starts 11pm!

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