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Time is passing fast so we are as always in a time scale delation lab and thatfor only now kickin ยด of the next edition of the label gatherings.

The second, experimental floor will be hosted by our comrades from Praxis records & Oppositaer. Happy to have them onboard once more for this edition of international audio-navigation.

As before we are collaborating with Kulturhaus Kilimanjaro which is supplying the “scene” for this audio-venture.

Due to the perfect AC – power situation @ kili you can expect
an unlimited – full – range – sound – installtion . Ask your friends.

Exclusive pre-sale for tickets @ YaYa / Praxis record shop in
Lenbachstr. 9, 10245 Berlin . Limited capacity !

Line up main Floor :

VIKKEI (obs.cur / yaya23) _ live set
I.N.D. (hangar / yaya23) _ live set
Mr. FLAG (yaya23 records )_ live set
NAUTILUS (A sound)
YAYA (cyberrise)

Line up experimental Floor:

BASE FORCE ONE (Praxis) _ live
ARI NEV & GIFT! (Oppositaer / A++) _ live
ZOMBIEFLESHEATER (kritik am leben)
LYNX (Praxis)

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