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YouTube: Praxis channel merges with Datacide and is now called Noise & Politics

Welcome to our now/old YouTube channel. The Praxis channel is now called Noise & Politics and also will also incorporate Datacide besides Praxis and gives us the possibility to expand into other areas. Check out the latest uploads:

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The Molehill Report #2

Welcome to the second edition of THE MOLEHILL REPORT A new monthly video newsletter covering activities and perspectives from Praxis Records, Datacide Magazine, Molehill Publishing and other associated projects, presented by Christoph Fringeli. February 2022: We’re presenting the new digital release on Praxis by Cortex, show a short excerpt from an interview with Neil Keating […]

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The Wirebug: Factory Food

Factory Food by The Wirebug Praxis 57 The Wirebug Factory Food 300 copies on vinylCut by Shane the Cutter at Finyl Tweek Factory Food is the first album from the Wirebug aka Dan Hekate for over a decade. Now a feature film director Dan has brought all his expertise in sound design to bear on […]

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Corrupted State @ Herzbergstr.53, Berlin-Lichtenberg 11-05-2019

Hekate soundsystem, Menthal and Workin Klass Noize present CORRUPTED STATE Weird sounds for strange people. Extreme noise, rhythmic collapse, industrial funk, bass music, breakore. Featuring over 20 live acts, concerts and DJs. Supported by warped out projections from cutting edge VJs and video artists. 8 Euro Entry. Line Up MUSIC Baseck Ben Hekate C_C Circuit […]

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Hekate 20th Anniversary @ Apiary Studios, London Sept.24/25

Saturday September 24: Musicians Circuit Parallele The Reverend Delinquent( Marc Hekate Murphy) Dan Hekate Dybbuk(Luke Hekate) Broken Doll (Gaetane Hekate) Cybele Reset Christoph Fringeli Nurgle les Trolls(Benjamin Rivet) Skaface(David Cecil) VJs Stormfield(Stromfeld S Slewdem) Jude Greenaway Sansculotte(Sanjii Sansculotte and Ulrich Znork) Hyper VJ(Nor Hypervj) And slide projection from Tom Projekt https://www.facebook.com/events/1720218478233052/ Scrapyard Soliloquies,the sunday concert for […]

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Broken Windscreen @ Simulacra Studio, London 17-10-2014

  An Audio Visual concert featuring live performances by Christoph Fringelii(Praxis) and Sansculotte. LSD room Cybele Reset and Oddscene Dybbuk and Filippo The Reverend The Loop- a short multi media play- by Nick Ronin, Dan Hekate, Bang Crosby. 2100-0200 This is a seated event with a quadrophonic sound system, giant screen and a series of one off performances not […]

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The Wirebug: The Uncontrollable H Disease

The Uncontrollable H Disease (Praxis 28) by The Wirebug The Wirebug The Uncontrollable H Disease Praxis 28 1000 copies (?) A 4-tracker by The Wirebug aka Dan Hekate of the Hekate Sound System. Praxis and Hekate first joined forces around 1996 at Teknivals and free parties in London. It became lasting collaboration of which this […]

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