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Saturday September 24: Musicians Circuit Parallele The Reverend Delinquent( Marc Hekate Murphy) Dan Hekate Dybbuk(Luke Hekate) Broken Doll (Gaetane Hekate) Cybele Reset Christoph Fringeli Nurgle les Trolls(Benjamin Rivet) Skaface(David Cecil) VJs Stormfield(Stromfeld S Slewdem) Jude Greenaway Sansculotte(Sanjii Sansculotte and Ulrich Znork) Hyper VJ(Nor Hypervj) And slide projection from Tom Projekt Scrapyard Soliloquies,the┬ásunday concert for […]

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The first 2 12″s on Praxis came out at the end of November and beginning of December 1992 and we are celebrating this with a series of parties around Europe in the last two months of 2012. The first will be a party in London – the birthplace of the label – on November 2nd […]

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