Messias: psycho​|​soMA​|​NTRA

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OUT NOW! Very limited supply in stock at the moment! Overall the vinyl is limited to 150... more
Product information "Messias: psycho​|​soMA​|​NTRA"

OUT NOW! Very limited supply in stock at the moment!

Overall the vinyl is limited to 150 copies - comes with download code!


Seek new levels of reality…

Walking down a steep and partially crumbled staircase towards a lowceilinged concrete basement. With every step downwards the artificial fog gets more and more dense, while the sound, which started as a muffled noise, gets clearer and louder. The room, unknown in size, is only lit by strobe light and bears empty, beside some occasional schemes emerging and remerging from the fog. All alone in the white and flashing nothingness, I start dancing. The beat is relentless, fast and precise – hacking into my brain, channelling my thoughts and drawing my mind away - step by step, until I dissolve in music and light and space, leaving this level of reality and my ego behind…

When I came across of ‘the psychedelic experience’ – a manual about substance induced meditation and the associated transcendental experience written by Timothy Leary, Ralph Metzner and Richard Alpert and based on the Tibetan book of the dead – the description of the psychedelic journey immediately reminded me of this exact feeling when submerging in that amalgam of music, fog and strobe and the meditative freedom I always felt in this surrounding. The process of drifting away, leaving our worldly struggles and eventually our whole ego behind until fully submerged in the void – a void which is not nothingness but pure existence, and from which we can reach out to wherever we want.

I truly believe that this experience of raving, this immersion into music can be considered as an equally cathartic process as meditation and that it aids us to maintain sanity in this fast evolving and ever-changing world, we are living in. Music is our key to other levels of reality; music is a mantra for our psyche and our body (soma) - our psycho|soMA|NTRA

flrmkltr, October 15th 2023

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