Praxis 20th Anniversary Party + Braintheft in Leipzig 22-12-2012

>upstep< >>>BSSMSSG PRSNTS<<< >>>DUBDUBSTEPGRIME<<< BRAINTHEFT live [berlintendo] ONETAKE & FUJIKOMA [sub.island] SELEKTA PEHLE [al haca | zonic] >downstep< >>>20 JAHRE PRAXIS RECORDS<<< >>>BREAKCORENOISETECHSTEP<<< CHRISTOPH FRINGELI [praxis | sub/version | ambush] KOVERT [praxis | sub/version | sozialistischer plattenbau] AMBOSS live [sub/version | mindbender | cold coffein addict] INUSHINI [ohm 52 | trash tapes | zoro] NISHINGA [society suckers | wasted acid force] TANDRUM [drumcore | protocut | coreknaben] +++ visuals: PUNKTZWO [exLEpäng!] +++ kicker, soli bar, ofen +++ immer: pängbar, knabberkram, candies >>>

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