Shipping Update October 2020

Shipping Issues -  Update 

Short version: Good news, we are able to ship packages world wide again. At least for the time being, prices will stay as low as before. You can chose between a service that provides a proof of posting (but no tracking) and a (more expensive) service with full tracking. Those of you who had to wait will receive a voucher for 20% off their next order(s), as will those who subscribe to our newsletter (link below). Thanks for your patience and support! For more details please read the “slightly longer version” below.

Slightly longer version: As reported in a previous blog post, various issues regarding shipping have arisen since the beginning of the current pandemic. Much to our astonishment it turned out that Deutsche Post, the service we used for most international shipments of less than 2kg, wasn’t able to provide the “Warenpost International” service to most overseas destinations. As a consequence of this it was impossible to ship to the US, Japan and Australia (as well as other destinations) for months on end. Considering that Deutsche Post is one of the biggest players in international logistics (they own DHL), this was unexpected. 

While within Europe the service was maintained and shipping was not systematically interrupted, there were and still are delays and what’s worse, the number of packages getting returned has somewhat increased. However they only make up a very small percentage. The reason for this may be that “contactless deliveries” can mean that no attempt at all at an actual delivery is made… On the more positive side: So far ALL packages that didn’t get delivered were eventually returned to us, so nothing go lost.

Even within Germany packages have on occasion taken up to a week to arrive, rather than the usual 1-2 days, depending on the destination. 

The good news is that we are now shipping with a new company with a strong logistics infrastructure which is offering world wide shipping for packages up to 2kg at very good prices. The next weeks will show how efficient these will be handled, but a first test run has shown good results. 

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All those who had to wait for their records due to Covid-19 will be sent a voucher for 20% off on orders in the Praxis online store until the end of November. Placing an order (or two) in this usually quiet period will also help us survive the current crisis!

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