Shipping issues due to the Corona-crisis (We do ship!)



But due to the Coronavirus crisis there are a number of limitations:

– We currently only ship once a week, on Tuesday. For more details (and some exceptions) read below under (1)

– Postal services have implemented limitations on what can be sent to some countries. While shipping within Germany seems to work as usual, delays have to be expected in some European countries and severe limitations are in place for many overseas destinations. For more details see below under (2)



For the time being we only ship once a week, on Tuesday, to limit exposure to post office queues etc. 

If there is high volume, we might ship once more during the week, but generally it will be done every Tuesday afternoon. Exceptions are small orders, like single books or CDs which fit in a mailbox. These will be dispatched every 1-2 days.


All orders placed by Monday mid-afternoon will definitely be shipped on Tuesday, and most orders that come in by Tuesday morning as well. Note that our stocks are in two locations, the Disconnect Store and our storage unit. Storage can be accessed any time, while copies of records and books of which there is only one in the store will be collected Monday afternoon or evening. More stocks are being moved from the shop to storage to ensure better/faster service.


Our physical shop is closed for the time being and local pickup is currently not available, but we will be assessing the situation and try to accommodate anyone who wants to pick up their order in Berlin.



Generally the delivery services seem to work well, but there are exceptions. 

Within Germany packages sent with GLS as recently as the past week seemed to arrive within a day or two as usual. 

For international orders we shipped in the last couple of weeks we don’t have enough information. Delivery time may differ greatly depending on which area of the world and which country.


Many overseas destinations may well be incurring more than usual delays as air traffic is substantially reduced. 

In Europe there are some regional restrictions, especially in the east of France, But it seems that there are ways around it, although slower shipping than usual has to be expected.


If an order cannot be sent, we will contact you and you will have the choice between waiting for services to resume as normal or to receive a full refund.


Serious limitations are affecting orders placed from Australia, Canada, Japan and the USA (as well as other overseas countries) at the moment.

We currently cannot ship single or small quantities of records with the services we usually use (Deutsche Post Warensendung, or in some cases DHL Small Packet) to these destinations. 

In most cases, but not all, we can still send larger packages as DHL Priority Parcels. In theory we can also send smaller orders as Priority Parcels, but these are a lot more expensive than the usual Warensendung and we have to ask the customer to cover the extra cost.


We (still) hope that the normal services will resume within a reasonable time, so if you are in these countries or elsewhere where these or similar restrictions apply you can still buy records and we will send them at a later date, as soon as normal services resume. Please understand that when that will be the case is completely out of our control. You will also be given the option to cancel the order and receive a full refund.


Exception to these rules are normal letters as well as press products, meaning that we can still send copies of Datacide to Australia, Canada, Japan and the US (and most other countries with similar restrictions)!

We will update this post as soon as substantial changes are occurring.


For up to date changes, please refer to the page of the Deutsche Post web site

GLS has set up a similar page here (only for orders in Germany and some orders in the EU) Aktuelle_Infos_Internationaler_Warenverkehr-2020-03-27.pdf

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