Sales Charts September 2020

Sales Charts September 2020

  1. Bacchus Bosch: Passage (ABZ001)
  2. Idll: Detachment (ABZ002) 
  3. Memero: Against Civilisation (CMO-03) 
  4. Slaughter Politics (Praxis 21) 
  5. V/A: Helldrop (HLLDRP001) 
  6. Radykal: Psychose Mentale (Stratosferik 02) 
  7. 16-17: The Pandemic Wargames Remixes (Praxis 58)
  8. Nomex & Scud: Maschinenbau EP (Praxis 56) 
  9. Alex Buess & Daniel Buess: “Skin Craft” - Rind & Nol (Praxis 55)
  10. The Duke of Juke: Tuff Measures (Dubcore 17/SPB12036)

Combined sales in the Praxis Online Shop, Praxis bandcamp (record sales only, not including purely digital sales), seller PRAXISRECORDS on discogs, and wholesale orders from September 1-30. Also included are the sales in the physical store in Berlin: Disconnect Store Berlin, Finowstr. 25, 10247 Berlin.

Note that the "Top Seller" section in our online shop only counts the sales in the online shop (not "real" shop, bandcamp, discogs etc) over the period of 60 days, hence it will generally be similar, but not the same as this monthly chart.

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