Datacide 17 Back in stock!

Datacide Seventeen is now back in stock. After a few months out of print this issue has been reprinted.

Main features of this 17th issue of the magazine for noise & politics are Jo Burzynska’s interview with Cosey Fanni Tutti titled Memoirs of a Woman of Extreme Pleasures, Howard Slater’s article on Third Cinema Unparaphraseable Life, as well as the first English translation of Boris Souvarine’s Black October from 1927 about ten years of the Russian Revolution, here reprinted 100 years after the event. Plus many other contributions well worth reading.

Fictiion by Dan Hekate, Record reviews by Prole Sector, Nemeton, Christoph Fringeli, Hans-Christian Psaar

Comix by sansculotte and visuals by a.a.a., dybbuk, Giulia Valenti, lesekill, Matthieu Bourel, Nevre

and more!

Get the single copy for 6 euro or consider taking out a subscription for only 23 euros for 4 issues!


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