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Az idén 25 éves Praxis kiadó egy kellemes szülinapi programmal ajándékozza meg a hazai közönséget.>>>

25 years of Praxis

Praxis was founded as a label for experimental hard dance music in 1992 in London. It’s one of the very few labels not only still in existence but also still engaged in exploratory developments. Now based in Berlin, the label is celebrating its 25th anniversary with a series of events.

Talk (20:00~)

Christoph Fringeli: Hedonism and Revolution – The Barricade and the Dancefloor

Talk and discussion about the interrelation of countercultures and radical politics, in history, the present and perspectives for the future.

Praxis floor:

Prole Sector (Praxis, Bass, UK/RSA – LIVE)

Base Force One (Praxis, Experimental Hardcore, Germany – LIVE)

Psychic Defence (Praxis, Broken Beats, Germany/USA – LIVE)

DJka Luchs (Praxis, Breakcore, USA – DJ)

Zombieflesheater (Kritik am Leben, Breakcore, Ger – DJ)

Unprofessional (Hardcore, Italy, LIVE)

+ More


Davo floor:

Obstruct (LIVE)

Log:n (DJ)

Thalium (LIVE)

Telesport (LIVE)



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