Hecate: The Magick of Female Ejaculation

Praxis 35/Zhark LP1
The Magick of Female Ejaculation

2×12″/CD – 2000/2001

Hecate’s first full length album, released on vinyl and CD.
A total of 1500 vinyl and 1000 CDs were made.

“After an exemplary series of singles on her own Zhark label, RACHAEL KOZAK aka HECATE has, after a long wait, released her nail-biting debut full-length. RACHAEL KOZAK has an interesting history in relation to what can clumsily be called ” new electronic hardcore.” Originally from Detroit, and having taken classes at the School for Visual Arts with JOHANNA FATEMAN from LE TIGRE (for whom she has done a superb remix), she moved to London and now moves between there and Berlin. Her record draws on the strengths displayed in her eyebrow-stripping singles: completely original breakbeats tearing along at about 180 beats- per-minute, dark, menacing basslines combined with snares and hi-hats that could cut through concrete. Though it’s a cliché applied to one musical genre after another since the early 80s, KOZAK’s music truly represents a punk spirit which has been missing in contemporary music for far too long. I say that not for the sake of sensationalism but for the simple fact that the music on this album is the closest in spirit, though miles away in stylistic terms, to early CRASS records. Put the repetitive, didactic ALEC EMPIRE & Digital Hardcore out of your field of hearing and listen to music that really burns.” (review taken from Tim Haslett, quoted in digitalworldnet catalogue 2003)

Digitalworldnet themselves added:

‘The official release sheet says about that: “Fifteen tracks serve as fifteen channels on a journey through the female psyche experienced through the eyes and ears of HECATE. RACHAEL KOZAK, after releasing records for five years under this guise, has finally completed her debut solo album. As a manifestation of the power of love, life, sex and death, ‘The Magick of Female Ejaculation’ reaches deep into chambers where others fear to tread. Living abroad and traveling for years, HECATE has obviously been affected by the European works of the MARQUIS DE SADE, ALEISTER CROWLEY, DARIO ARGENTO and his involvement with GOBLIN, in addition to a myriad of other historical personas that creatively broke through to new levels of expression. She mixes these energies together with merciless beats and grinding rhythms while adding her own deep rooted emotional intensities – combining all of these to form some of the most haunting yet completely rocking tracks. The level of production on this album demonstrates how in tune HECATE has become with these men’s machines. Subverting the dancefloor with occultist breakcore and one woman’s lust, Praxis and Zhark International have joined forces to bring this album into the material realm, and straight to you.” Yeah folks, as you could read, this record bundles all creativity of all creative forms of expression ever existed… sounds funny? Nope, it isn’t. Please feel free to forget what you’ve read ’cause this release is indeed pretty good and for sure the one release of HECATE you should definitely know.’

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