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A: Hecate: Technical Witch B: Etaceh: Tech Bitch Mastered by Martin Giles at Alchemy, London Pressed at MPO 700 copies.

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Praxis 35/Zhark LP1 Hecate The Magick of Female Ejaculation 2×12″/CD – 2000/2001 Hecate’s first full length album, released on vinyl and CD. A total of 1500 vinyl and 1000 CDs were made.

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Hecate’s Ascension Chamber Praxis 40/ZharkLP2 (2xLP in gatefold sleeve) Praxis 40CD/ZharkCD0004 (CD) The vinyl was packaged in luxury gatefold sleeve, the CD was in standard jewel case. 1000 copies each were manufactured in 2003/2004. The second full length album by Hecate was again – like The Magick of Female Ejaculation a co-release by Praxis and […]

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Praxis 32 Hecate Hate Cats EP 12″ – 1998 Praxis 32 was the first release by Hecate on Praxis. The fierce breakcore of her solo-debut was to be followed up by her albums, The Magick of Female Ejaculation and Ascension Chamber (both released on double vinyl and CD, and in collaboration with her own Zhark […]

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Praxis 37 Crisis Theory 2002 Cut by Yann Dub at Reverse Prime Cut in Paris and pressed at MPO in an edition of 1000 in 2002. Crisis Theory was the collaboration of Hecate and Christoph Fringeli, and this 4-track EP contains tracks written between 1999 and 2001, released the following year. Showing the other side […]

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Area 1 (praxis en zhark) Live: Dolores Dewberry Live: Slutmachine Christoph Fringeli Hecate Live: Bulkrate Live: Rioteer Bart Hard King pin Muziekstijlen Breakcore Industrial hardcore Jungle Noise Speedcore Terror 22:00 – 04:00 Willemeen Arnhem Minimumleeftijd: 18

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