The Molehill Report #9 feat. Nihil Fist

The Molehill Report #9 is online on YouTube now

Welcome to the 9th episode of The Molehill Report. We have excerpts from a new interview with Nihil Fist and announce the release of a new track in the Praxis Digital Remix Series.

Nihil Fist first appeared on the scene with a number of self released cassette tapes and CDs in the late 1990s where he started defining his own vision of rapid fire beats and relentless noise attacks combining elements of harsh noise and speedcore, but at the same time far apart from these genres. Early on he started developing a cult following with these releases and his live appearences. In 2003 his first vinyl release came out on Praxis, to be followed by a 7” on Sprengstoff and another 12” on Praxis in 2005. After this the Nihil Fist project took on a lesser priority until he resurfaced since 2019 with a plethora of new releases on labels such as Cathartic Noize Experience and Independent Bloc 36 as well as new live shows. We sat down with him in Berlin in October 2022 to talk about the past, present and future of the Nihil Fist project, organising parties, political activism and his work as a radical lawyer.

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