The Molehill Report #9 Online on YouTube now

Welcome to the ninth edition of THE MOLEHILL REPORT (click on image above to get to the video)

A monthly video newsletter covering activities and perspectives from Praxis Records, Datacide Magazine, Molehill Publishing and other associated projects, presented by Christoph Fringeli.

We took a little break in the early autumn, but now we're back with monthly shows.


November 2022: We present excerpts of an interview with Nihil Fist, the master of relentless political speedcore, and we're happy to announce the new release in the Praxis digital remix series, a rework of Noface's Hallucinate by Base Force One.

 Upload of the full interview with Nihil Fist is coming soon! The link will be posted here as soon as it's online (expected first week of December 2022)



Noface: Hallucinate (Base Force One Remix), PraxisX3 (final version/mastering still in progress). Expected beginning of December.

Nihil Fist: various out-takes from live shows and sets.

His new record on Cathartic Noize Experience is out December 2nd, 2022 and can be ordered HERE.

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The Molehill Report #9 was produced in November 2022 in Berlin by CF and Lynxy at the Psychic Defence studio.



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