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Welcome to the sixth edition of THE MOLEHILL REPORT

A new monthly video newsletter covering activities and perspectives from Praxis Records, Datacide Magazine, Molehill Publishing and other associated projects, presented by Christoph Fringeli.

June 2022: A short critical obituary of Peter Lamborn Wilson, aka Hakim Bey. The anarchist author of "Temporary Autonomous Zone" and many other books died of a heart attack on May 22 in his house in NY state. An influential figure on the free party networks, more as a creator of buzzwords than as a theoretician. We zoom back to the shortcomings of his concepts.


Further sources: Christoph Fringeli: Radical Intersections

Alexis Wolton: Tortugan Towerblocks

An expose of Wilson/Bey on libcom by Robert P. Helms: Leaving Out the Ugly Part

Music: Slaughter Politics - Pirate Utopia (from Praxis 21, originally released in 1999) written by Christoph Fringeli and The Invisible SP in 1997.

Praxis web site.

Praxis Bandcamp (digital sales)

Praxis Soundcloud (tracks, albums, playlists, releases - 220+ tracks at the time of publishing this video)

Datacide - The Magazine for Noise & Politics

The Molehill Report # 6 was produced at Psychic Defence Studios in June 2022 in Berlin by CF and Lynxy.

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