Restocks October 2022

Restocks October 2022

CITB007 - Coco & The Cat Return - Turquoise vinyl 10" with two jungle smashers by Coco Bryce on the one, and Tommy the Cat on the other side.

CRIT154 - Coco Bryce: Hold the Line - A four tracker of typical Coco Bryce junglism from 2020 on Critical Music.

Deathchant 101 - Hellfish: We Are Scumbags - Latest 12" by Hellfish on Deathchant was sold out quickly. We got it back in stock.

Deathchant LP 12 - DJ Producer: Damaged by DJ - This album of unreleased Dubplates from 2000-2019 (the year in which it was released, doesn't go out of fashion and keeps getting re-stocked

Deathchant LP 14 - Hellfish: King of Ironfist - ... and the same is true for this triple 12" by Hellfish

FISHRICE003 - Fish & Rice: Are You Ready to be an Uptempian? - Here Hellfish teams up with Akira on the third instalment of their collaborative label

KRISS#3 - DJ Scotch Egg - DJ Scotch Egg on Kriss on white vinyl. From 2006. Includes Scotch Vader, Scotch Forest, Scotch Poo (Ove-Naxx remix) and Bong Ra's Remix of Scotch Dad.

KRISS05 - Monsters of Mash Up - Tour 7" from 2017 sees Bong-Ra, Shitmat and Enduser team up with an intro by DJ Skull Vomit.

No-Tek 19 - La Peste: सत्यमेव जयते - Most recent masterpiece by La Peste - and on No-Tek! - so good to have it back in stock!

UPR010 - Laboureur: Deluge Visceral EP - We thought this was sold out, but we got hold of another fresh copy here. Unfortunately at a slightly higher price, but still worth it!

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