Restocks November 2022

Restocks for November 2022

Oake: 47019 - € 10.00

The first Oake on 47 Records is back in stock, just as his new release came out on the same label. File this one under industrial techno.

Doormouse: I ♥ Kraftwerk (AddictSS5) - €10.00

Number 5 of 6 in the Doormouse/Addict records series of homages to various styles, and - here - just one artist: Kraftwerk. Breakcore-Electro remixes plus locked grooves! Original pressing.

Somatic Responses: Neurotrope 027 - € 10.00

From 2014 this 4-track 12" mixes breakcore, hardcore and acid to great effect

Tommy the Cat & NLS: Park Sessions 03 - €10.00 and Various Artists: Park Sessions 04  - €11.00

From 2020 and 2021 respectively these two popular 12" from the Park Session series with some slightly more chilled jungle and some trippy beats.

Near Death Experience: Love Me, Feed Me, Drug Me, Kill Me (Touche Le Systeme Du Bout Des Doigts) - €8.00

Rare & good mixture of hardtek and hardcore from Cavage. One of the last releases by Saoulaterre that is still available. NDE was one of those Cavage offshoot labels with just one release. All of them are definitely worth seeking out!

Pushy!: Take it (Kiosk 031) - € 9.00

Pushy! take a journey to Footworx/Juke and dubsteppy tunes on this 2014 release.

Maruosa 10" (Kriss 004) and Snares: Sabbath Dubs (Kriss 666) €9.00 and €10.00 respectively

While Maruosa is all out noise, the (Venetian) Snares take on Dubstep and Black Sabbath in the same breath has been a sort of hit since it came out in 2007. Some copies of the original first pressing on marblled green vinyl have shown up...

Fanny/Shatterbreak split EP (No Room For Talent, NRFT03) €9.00

Early split EP on No Room for Talent with both artists providing an original track as well as a remix. Fanny takes on CDatakill, Shatterbreak challenges Xanopticon. Original pressing from 2006, Breakcore!


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