Restocks December 2022

Restocks December 2022

A more or less random selection of items that came back in stock in December 2022:

Joshua: Sombre Harmonie (Epithet pth024-3) original pressing from 2004 on the "old" Epiteth label.

The Outside Agency: Flip-Flops in the Moshpit (Genosha, GEN005). Early Genosha release, this is a one-off used copy in perfect condition!

The Outside Agency: The Legacy Of Cain/I Saw My Grave (Genosha 175, GEN175-016), and

The Outside Agency: The Opposites/More Primitive (Genosha 175, GEN175-017) - two of the more recent releases on their Genosha 175 offshoot.

Cakebuilder: Blood and Thunder (No Room for Talent, NRFT1205) - 2007 release by Cakebuilder on No Room For Talent includes a Bong-Ra remix.

Les Neiges Noires de Laponie: Frozen Relics (Plasma Vortex Frequency, PVF01). One copy of the first PVF back in stock. One corner a bit bent in transport, but this is likely to be the last copy of this release from 2016, limited to just 100 copies! Also back in stock are the two other vinyl releases by Les Neiges Noires:

Les Neiges Noires de Laponie: Askafroa (PVF03VINYL)

Les Neiges Noires de Laponie: Non Human (PVF06)

Wordsound 50 DVD compilation: The Video Album (WS50) 10 Years of Wordsound DVD from 2004.

Also we found an extra copy of this book (in German) about Gabber and Breakcore in Berlin, since it's  not so easy to get I recommend to pick it up right away if you're interested:

Bianca Ludewig: Utopie und Apokalypse in der Popmusik - Gabber und Breakcore in Berlin ISBN978-3-902029-32-4 only one copy back in stock!

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